Is a four-year-old smarter than you? Probably. Roland Martin talks with Sabrina and Landon Beevers about their 4-year-old daughter Anala Beevers who was just accepted into MENSA aka “the high IQ society”.

One thought on “Sabrina and Landon Beevers on Their 4-Year-Old Genius Anala Beevers

  1. Rachel Sutton on said:

    Please get her parents some help. They are clearly outclassed with this child’s level of intelligence and don’t seem to have a clue as to how smart she really is. I’m a really smart child from an average home in which people were smart but I was the first to get an Ivy League education and to experience the opportunities and development that entailed. I see my niece and nephew being just as smart and yet I can’t get my family to understand what to do to prepare them for the challenges of an advanced education. I keep getting told I am too mean and don’t let them play and have fun!!! This child’s mother had to go to google to figure out that the starred cities on the map were the state capital. Their interview this morning is a clear demonstration that they don’t know what to do. I would suggest calling Spelman College or Brown University (no I did not attend either of these institutions – they are known to have excellent career counseling and retention rates for African-American scholars) to ask for educational counseling assistance.

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