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Roland Martin talks with Dream Hampton about the ongoing inter-generational beef between Harry Belafonte and Jay Z.  Plus, Hampton gives her opinion on whether celebrities are required to be socially active.

6 thoughts on “‘Jay Z is the Sidney Poitier of his Time’ – DREAM HAMPTON

  1. Yeah. Jay Z is the modern day Harry Belafonte if Belafonte made his way to top by exploiting the weaknesses of his people and community. Jay Z is an ex drug dealing thug gang banger who caused damage to communities that will take centuries to overcome. If they ever do. But this female is an example of someone who judges someone by monetary value rather than content of character. And when that happens, you get Jay Z worship.

  2. Is she serious? Is this some kind of fuckin’ joke or is she just one of those jz dick riders who thinks the man is some kind of God? JZ is nothing but a self searving no talent has been who got lucky because he came along when RAP was turning to SHIT!

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