This past week Dr. Cornel West has been working overtime with  the clowning of anything Obama. His latest fusillade is directed at both both MSNBC and their host Rev. Al Sharpton.

As we reported earlier, When Dr. West was asked his opinion President Obama’s comments on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, he resorted to characterizing the president as a “global George Zimmerman.”

Well, West made a visit to Tavis Smiley’s radio show this past weekend and said Rev. Sharpton is still on “the Obama plantation” which has keeps Sharpton from being more critical of the president and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Smiley has also made controversial remarks about Obama and his response to the George Zimmerman trial.

“Deep down in his soul I think he really does feel a fire, but he can’t allow that fire to in any way spill over toward the White House. Why? Because he’s still too tied, he’s too uncritical, he’s too deferential, he’s too subservient as it were and as long as that’s in place we’re going to find ourselves unable to tell the fundamental truth,” West told Smiley.

Both West and Smiley of course had their own spin on Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin and continued to delve into the media’s handling of the racial dynamics involved in the case.

“What’s your sense of how the media, and not just Fox News but beyond that, your read as you’ve been watching this, how the media handled this case?” Smiley asked West.

“I think that it’s been decrepit though, brother. I mean, you get a focus on some of the upper middle class folk. I mean, what I call the ‘rent-a-negro’ phenomenon on MSNBC…’” West answered.

West’s displeasure with MSNBC may come as a surprise to some as he has appeared as a guest on the network frequently in the past.

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12 thoughts on “West: MSNBC is ‘Rent-a-Negro’ Net and Sharpton is on ‘Obama Plantation’

  1. LAGumbo on said:

    Whenever I see Cornel West and Tavis Smiley sitting together on ANY show, they look like an old married couple.

  2. I agree with the Timekeeper’s comment. Why does BAW keep posting everything these two fools are saying. It obvious that their egos have gotten the better of both them and they are feeding off one another. The name calling is silly and childish. I for one will not be reading anything else said by Tavis or West. I may not be able to decide what BAW post on the website, but I can choose what I decide to read.

    • Athena on said:

      I agreed with most of the comments, I love MHP on Sat/Sun on MSNBC, they have lost all relevance, at this point they are putting on a bad show for the White people.

  3. Dr. West and Travis are very intelligent men. They need to stop this foolishness and become a part of the solution. The president has enough issues to resolve without our own sisters and brothers offering ignorant comments. Use your energy and power for good.

  4. Mr. French on said:

    It’s getting to be a personal thing with Dr. West and Smiley. I am not a huge fan of the President either but ad hominem attacks are not going to persuade anyone to consider their arguments. Meanwhile bigots like Ted Nugent, are laughing at our divisiveness. “Keep ’em divided and watch em tear each other apart”.

  5. malex on said:

    I have lost alot of respect for Dr. West, with his hateful comments. he is no better than the republicans and white who dump on the President. All talk and not one idea. The hate Tavis Smiley has for the President is obvious and he just needs to tell everyone what President Obama has done to him. As far as I am concerned they is the reason we as black people cannot get ahead in this country. We hate on each other and want to put done anyone that may help. Sure it may not work, but don’t put them down for trying when all you do is talk.

  6. the Timekeeper on said:

    Okay, is it really worth going over all of this stuff again. Are you going to put this out there every time Mutt & Jeff, er, i mean West and Smiley booboo out of their mouths. Youd be better off just sending him some toilet paper so it doesnt run off into his beard.

  7. stephanie on said:

    if either of them think that they can do a better job than ANY President we’ve ever had in this country, run for office. If not, sit down somewhere and stfu!

    • Mr. French on said:

      It’s not so much the criticism of the President, it’s that it’s not at all constructive. The President is a politician, not perfect. However, if you disagree with a policy or what he’s not doing, then provide an alternative. West and Smiley are personalizing like they are playing the dozens. It’s making out to be haters, and whiners, instead of the bright men I know them to be.

  8. Debbie on said:

    I am no longer feeling these 2 dudes. All respect for them is gone out the window. Not sure what they were expecting from the POTUS, why do some people think he was going to sprinkle magic dust and make everything go away? I also don’t understand, what these 2(West & Tavis) have done in the time they have been out. They came out way before Obama, they could have ran for president also.

  9. jhuff on said:

    I disagree they don’t rent them they have a stable full of them already ..don’t think so
    Let a white liberal (like Harry Reid D NV) make a racially questionable comment and
    Watch them trout out the black intelligencia all might long to explain away the act

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