Sybil Wilkes discusses today’s news headlines including the latest Anthony Weiner scandal.

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2 thoughts on “Sybil Wilkes with the News Headlines

  1. By the way, say thanks to Tom for me. (Foe Everything he’s been doing over the years to help people). And thanks to J for keeping me CTFU and making my mornings easier to deal with…..LOL

  2. Good Morning Sista’ Sybil. You know, all of these Euro-Americans who hate Travon and love Zimmerman cannot say that they are not racisit because ol’ zimmy is mostly Mexican. You can see that just by looking at him. So this is not a white vs black thing. It’s a white hating black thing. It’s really kinda sad because you’d think that by now (2013) folks would realize that there is but One Race and that’s The Human Race.

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