HOUSTON (AP) — Houston police have detained a woman seen on gas station security video pulling a rifle before a man was fatally shot as the pair argued.

Police on Monday didn’t immediately release the victim’s name or say whether charges would be filed.

Surveillance video from Sunday night’s incident shows a woman arguing with a man. The video shows the woman pulling a rifle out of the trunk of a car and then the man trying to hit the woman.

Police say the woman then fired several shots. Investigators did not immediately say whether security video shows the gunfire.

Authorities are trying to determine whether the man and woman know each other and what sparked the argument.

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4 thoughts on “Woman Fatally Shoots Man with Knife at Houston Gas Station (VIDEO)

  1. Rayar Johnson on said:

    August 12,2013

    Please, Please Help us! In the February 14,2013 Wayne County Newspaper,( Front Page) It tells of the school violations and bullying and harassment my children have suffered in the WCSD,Mississippi. But, it did not mention that the latest of those threats were from the school KKK note. Now, this same girl where two knifes were found on her is back at school and sitting behind my child on their bus.
    This is not the first racial discrimination . My kids have a right to a safe school environment.
    The WCSD said they would handle it and they would prosecute and she would not be back on that campus. They would not tell me one court date no notification, just it’s been handled. 911 did not even send an officer at my request the day of.
    The children are shocked and scared. I beg for justice. I do not know why help for justice is so hard. They are not going back to school until they are represented. This is sad that anyone would think we are okay with this.

  2. stan on said:

    She did the same thing George Zimmerman did when the man attacked her and threaten to kill her. She stood her ground.

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