This past weekend Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, the ex-wife of the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade hit the streets of Chicago to have a sit-in with hopes of exposing her ex-husband as a deadbeat dad.

Funches-Wade and a friend sat on the Chicago sidewalk holding a sign that read “NBA Miami Star Mother of his children in the streets” while she expressed frustration over the judicial system and claimed she was homeless.

Over two days later, Wade responded via Twitter posting the photo below with the caption “I had my headphones on.. Did y’all hear something????..#stopit #dontbefooled #storiessellpapers #movingon”


What do you think about Wade’s response?

14 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Reponds to Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Wade

  1. Mitch on said:

    If everyone knew of the work ethic and dedication professional sports demands, they all would be supportive of Dwyane Wade in his personal choices – afterall, the man makes the money and he so chooses his honey!

  2. Fred on said:

    Why is it some women think they “own a man or he is their property” because of marriage? That’s why it’s called divorce. Imagine if people were stuck forever. In this case, I don’t think this woman would have stood a chance of keeping him faithful and loyal. She is inarticulate and underexposed. She got lucky when she met him and believes that she’s made him. They may have been in the trenches together from the past, but he’s worked hard to get them on higher ground. It shows the tenacity and skill of the gentleman. Sorry that she lost out and doesn’t want to let him go!!

    • Ain't this a witch on said:

      She wants her kids back! Like any mother would. This is a game wealthy men play. She had the kids since 2007 after the initial split. Dwayne knew that he could run her out of money…so, he didn’t pay her the money as agreed for child support..when he ran her out of savings for taking care of their kids…he then got the divorce in 2011, and the kids! He knew he could win based on earning a lot of money. Now this disgrace of a man, is trying to destroy her, first financially, now psychologically! Any man that can’t see thru the bull is either in denial or doesn’t have a brain…let alone MONEY!

      Stop putting her down! Dwayne’s time will come, you just wait and see.

      • Ain't this a witch on said:

        And besides, he is on the road a lot…who has the kids a nanny? Mother’s love is the best! Give her back the kids.

  3. Susanna on said:

    Had Mrs. Wade been married for at least 10 years she would have had leverage. Thank God it was only for 5 years. I think that she would have lost out in the love arena anyway, being married to a baller. Making babies and laying on your back doesn’t solidify your place at all when there are millions of beauties out there wanting to get your man. I think she is childish to believe that he should have remained faithful. In this case I believe he found Gabrielle Union to be his true soul mate and was willing to at any cost, be with Gabby. After the ex comes to her senses, she will see these truths and she will be ashamed of how she reacted, wishing she could still be friends and co-parent to her boys but she has destroyed that chance.

  4. Dwayne, good for you!!!! People get tired after awhile with all the drama trying to make you look bad…..Do You Dwayne……Mrs. Ex…….Get A Life Already!!!!! You are a has been, get over it and move on, you know what part you played in this whole thing!!!!

  5. St Luc55 on said:

    I thought Wade’s response was childish. If he doesn’t want to entertain the thoughts, don’t comment. I think he feels he has it all under control, he can have his women, his fun and cake. Siovaughn hasn’t had the benefit of having a fair unbiased attorney that can’t be bought. Unfortunately for her, she’ll always lose. But if she has faith, she should just pray and let God take care of it. It will all come out in the light. I just hope not too late, the boys are getting older. And Ms. Gabby, you are still a mean girl. And no, I didn’t appreciate the two of them gracing the cover of Essence. I thought it was a shame. Only married couples who have been together for atleast 5 yrs should grace the cover, not an old lady and her boy toy. Good luck with that.

  6. St Luc55 on said:

    First of all, Domonique or however you spell your name as a comedian, you really need to stop going in on Siovaughn. She could give a rats about Dwyane and Gabby, she is hurt as any mother would that all of a sudden you want full custody of your sons. That is her only fight. She is also dishearted by the fact that Dwyane has been able to use his celebrity and finances to win these cases against her. If you want some truths, check out the YouTube interviews with Kietta. I’ve even heard this truth years ago when they did a VH1 behind the scenes about their life then. Same story, but for some reason its all changed. I’ll tell you what changed. He saw his boy LeBron with his boys and thought, hmmm, I should have my boys too.

    If he really loves Siovaughn and cares for her like he says and that he wants his boys to have a relationship with their mom, why not have joint custody instead of full??????????Yea, ponder on that for a while and get back to me, I’ll wait (Huggy voice)!

    I have not liked Dwayne for these reasons alone and will never like him until he gives those boys back to their mom. I thought this whole process was jacked up when he initially took them from their mom. Then instead of going ahead with the proceedings, he waited so that he could get a book out. You can’t say you’re a father first when you’re a jacka** initially. Dwyane is hiding behind dirt but everbody knows, in time, it will all settle and the truth will come to light. Can’t wait. And oh yea, gabby, you’re going down with it. She can smile and pretend happy all she wants, but guess what, the way you got him is the way you lose him. Look at Alicia Keys holding on tight…just saying.

    • St Luc55 on said:

      You know, she deserves the money. Who cares. She’s been using her savings to provide for her and the kids when she had them because the courts didn’t award her child support and barely wanted to give her alimony. So yes, she should get millions. Why is it that her case be any different from any other celebrity. He was caught with Gabby amongst other things, so yes, she should get the money. But most importantly, look at the facts, she wants her kids back. Not just the money. You can’t go through life and all of a sudden one day go, hmmm, I think I want my boys here full time. Even when I’m not here, I want them here in my house. Really. Yea. Don’t think so. He’s spiteful, manipulative and coldhearted. His day will come. Thank God we are not the judge, just the jury…

  7. italia58 on said:

    I find him to be extremely distasteful for all that he has done to this woman, a black woman and the mother of his children and once upon a time, his best friend and confidante. No-one is denying Mr. Wade his right to move on in his life after his divorce. What most reasonable women find repugnant is that he particpated in the stealin of this woman’s children after he confessed she wasa an excellent mother. He purposely wiht forethought and malice particpated in the emotional destruction of this woman and then tries to project that his ex wife is mentally unstable and crazy. That is revoluting to me. I pray that Mrs. Wade finds her way back to her authentic self and shows the world her beautiful light that Mr. Wade has tried mightly to dim.

  8. Debbie on said:

    Fine with me. I’m not sure why women think they are entitled to other people’s money. Her ass is not bouncing a ball anywhere. He gave her a million plus $25,000.00 per month and she doesn’t even have the kids. Sheesh.

    • italia58 on said:

      Mrs. Wade may not have bounced a ball anywhere but she certainly facilitated and created an environment that allowed Mr. Wade to be the best ball player that he could possibly be for over decades begining when she was just a child herself. She had the wherewithall to create a haven fo this man. From all the scorm and vitriol that has been heaped upon this woman from the black community, no wonder our communtiites are falling apart. We have an inherent legacy to uphold families and support them and do everything we can to keep families together. Why wouldn’t Siohvaughnn fight vigilantly to keep her family together? Why wouldn’t she? She took vows to do so. You idiot.

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