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Workout gear has certainly come a long way since unitards and neon stripped biker shorts. From the gym to the runway, fitness fashion is not only super duper cute now, but many items are also highly functional. Check out the newest “pumped up” fitness gear here and get ready to take your performance level up a notch.

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W8FIT Activewear

Did you know that a 150-pound woman burns approximately 234 calories/hour lifting weights while a 160-pound woman will burn 250 calories? “Why” you ask. Well, our bodies burn calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity, so when you add weight to your body, your muscles work harder–therefore burning more calories. And while I am not suggesting you gain weight in order to improve your calorie burning capabilities, I do suggest snagging W8FIT Activewear! Developed by seasoned fitness instructor and personal trainer Maya Kaminsky this high-performance fitness apparel has custom-designed pockets that hold W8FIT weights. Each item uniquely moves with a woman’s body, looks slimming and adds resistance training. I love how the tanks are long and rounded and how the pants have a seam down the back of the legs (instant slimming quality). So hurry, get your weight up sis and snag some W8FIT Activewear.

$19.00 – $86.00

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