Bobbi Kristina Brown got engaged to Nick Gordon last week and not only are several of the family members not happy, her grandmother Cissy Houston ia insisting she get a prenuptial agreement before saying ‘I do!’

“Cissy’s worst fears are coming true,” a Houston family insider told The National Enquirer. “She never trusted Nick and says he’s an opportunist with no job. She’s convinced that he’s only marrying Kristina to get a piece of Whitney’s $20 million estate.”

The reality is that Bobbi is now a legal adult, making it hard for Cissy to keep a close-eye on her as she said she would since Whitney’s tragic death. Despite her being grown now, her family is trying their hardest to get her to call off the wedding, says the report.

Bobbi and Nick began dating soon after Whitney’s death and were rumored to be engaged last year. After a short breakup, the pair seemed to have patched things up and now with this engagement announcement it looks like it’s more serious than ever.

Gordon was raised by Whitney Houston, who considered him to be like a son. However, Bobbi Kristina quickly pointed out via Facebook that Whitney never formally adopted Gordon and he is not her brother.

7 thoughts on “Report: Bobbi Kristina’s Family wants Her to Get Pre-Nup from Nick Gordon

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  2. Why is everyone trying to protect her? Let her go her own way and learn the hard way. Maybe, one day, she’ll wake up.

  3. Betty on said:

    She begin dating her step brother the miniute he came through the door! The girl is totally destroyed and an’t nothing nobody can do to fix it. Grandmother needs to enjoy the rest of her life and don’t look back.

  4. SayWhat on said:

    If she’s crazy enough to marry some loser guy without a pre-nup then she may as well give him a cut of the money right now. We all know the marriage is doomed. He’s going to hand her a drink and some coke in one had and steal from her with the other hand.

    No one can help her because she’s reckless right now. Hopefully she will survive and turn her life around. I think she wants to be famous like her mom but she’s just another child of a famous person.

  5. Tami on said:

    She will not do it because she is young and she has to show the world that she knows everything. She can’t see that the elders in her life have been there and saw that. Where is Iyanla when you need her? 🙂

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