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A woman who served as one of six jurors in the George Zimmerman trial  told her story on “Anderson Cooper 360” on CNN.

Watch the interview and give us your opinion in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “Zimmerman Juror ‘B37’ Appears on ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ (VIDEO)

  1. She should have share that thought with the other jurors not cnn five days after, what good dose it mean now,,,it goes to show that they were force to make GZ not guilty,, its really ashame to play with a life,, yes they woke him up from his grave,,

  2. How does this happen on said:

    How was the Defense at both only disguised as the Prosecution…
    How in the world was the jury a panel of southern caucasian women…
    How is it okay to antagonize and bait and harrass…and then when you have acheived a reaction from the one you torment…how is it okay to blow them away…to make yourself feel powerful.
    How does this happen.

  3. Wow! Did she just say that……..He’s guilty for not using good judgement should not have gotten out of his car……………….Zimmerman went about & beyond because he was going to stop these people from breaking into homes. And look at what he did he got out of his car and he did just what she said he stopped Trayvon life (shot this kid). And you find him NOT GUILTY! Somebody Please help me understand this……………………..

  4. pearline on said:

    no one should buy her book of “coulda, woulda, shoulda” she’s already contradicted herself by saying Zimmerman never “shoulda” gotten out of the car but yet he was acquitted.

  5. jhuff on said:

    If Trayvon had known GZ had a gun, no he never would have punched him
    Thus initiating the altercation thus he’d still be alive.
    GZ was NEVER told not to get out of his truck the dispatcher upon suspecting he was walking about asked if he was following him when he replied yes he said “we don’t need you to do that” upon which GZ replied OK. It was upon returning to his truck to meet up with police Tray approached him

  6. Tempestt on said:

    In fact… the altercation happened because Trayvon had the right to Stand His Ground as well. 17 year old, being stalked by someone. And SO WHAT his grown behind got a beat down. You win some you lose some. What you think Trayvon was fighting him for?? Is it possible he was defending his life. I think so. Then BOOM!

  7. Tempestt on said:

    Vandalism though??? How was his heart in the right place when he was stalking someone. Trayvon had no clue Zimmerman had a gun. Zimmerman knew he had a gun. So whatever altercation, however it began Zimmerman knew something that Trayvon didnt know.

  8. BAZILE on said:

    To Juror B37: If you felt Zimmerman was wrong for getting out of his car who is it you didn’t find in GUILTY!? Is it because he KILLED A YOUNG DEFENSELESS BLACK KID? GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST SAY IN BOTH YOUR LIFE AND ZIMMERMANS!

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