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Rachel Jeantel, the close friend of Trayvon Martin and the last person to talk to him before his death, appeared on Piers Morgan to discuss her feelings about Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, her friendship with Trayvon and more.

Watch the interview and let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “Rachel Jeantel Appears on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan’ (VIDEO)

  1. OKinAZ on said:

    Omoye – listened to the interview with Rachel. She stated that they (her and Trayvon) communicated on a daily basis, all the time. I wonder why it took 2 days before she found out about his death, from another friend? She doesn’t sound like a very reliable witness. Listen to the tape again. It is all there.

    • Omoye on said:

      Greeting OkinAZ

      I listened to Rachels “entire” testimony live. She was there to testify about what transpired during her last conversation with Trayvon…..And she did that superbly…Never veering from her story in spite of the irrelevant questions that were thrown in by the prosecution. How the questions of why she didn’t call the police and why it took her so long to find out about Trayvon’s death, is now being used to measure her credibility as a witness, is not logical. It’s like comparing Apples to Bananas. How did Rachel become the defendant in Trayvon’s murder trial? I would like to refer you to another opinion of what is really going on in our less than positive discussions around Ms. Jeantel. Check it out.

      • OKinAZ on said:

        Omoye, I never deemed Rachel as uneducated or ignorant. So, I wonder why you felt compelled to direct me to this website. I never stated such in my original message. I only questioned why it took Rachael two days to find out about her good friend’s death. Do you know? I also listened to the entire interview and do not recall this ever be addressed. Good article by the way. I do believe that discriminate is culturally based, ignorance that can be overcome.

    • Omoye on said:

      ??? Wow….I never accused you of calling her uneducated or Ignorant. My comments were directed to what was asked of her during the trial..(.Don West did ask her why she didn’t call the police and why she didn’t know about Trayvon’s death sooner…didn’t she watch the news?) I thought we were having an objective discussion, I saw the article today, thought it was powerful and spoke to a lot of negative comments that I have seen posted on the web. Just thought I would share it with you. So sorry if you took offense. That was certainly not my intent.

  2. I’m glad Trayvon is dead! He’s nothing but a drug addict, drug dealer, & a thug. Race has absolute nothing to do with this case. For starters, Zimmerman is Peruvian/mixed race. If Zimmerman was black, & Trayvon was white, this NEVER would have made the news.

    A full ride to college should be offered to someone who has EARNED IT, not Rachel! There are thousands of inner city kids who have been working hard for years, staying out of trouble, & earning good grades who are more deserving of a full ride than Rachel. Nice way to try to boost the ratings, though.

  3. illaim on said:

    Reblogged this on Random ILL and commented:
    “The world you come from” – Piers Morgan
    While Morgan’s statement is somewhat disturbing, this a good interview
    sure to alter some of your skewed views of Ms. Jeantel

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Here is what your girl represented to America: lying multiple times under oath, complete unawareness of the gravity of the moment, more concerned about her hair and nails than preparing for the moment of a lifetime, disrespect, unable to control her emotions, and the MOST atrocious butchering of a language ever witnessed. Listen careful to the juror that spoke out today. Ms. Diamond aka Dee Dee or whatever she chooses to cal herself this week, handed any chance of a conviction right into the defenses hands. Don West did his job masterfully and destroyed her for all of the country to see. If you saw something else, you are in complete denial and unable to view reality as it is.

      Peace/ out

      • Omoye on said:

        @ Jiggy5: Just as the argument was made that Trayvon was responsible for his own death. You appear to be making an argument that Rachel is responsible for this outrageous and bias verdict. But that responsibility Sir/Ms, rest solely with the prosecution. It was the prosecution who failed to make their case. It was the prosecution who failed to properly prepare Rachel to testify. It was the prosecution who failed to make key objections during the course of the trial. It was the prosecution who brought a dummy into the court room and provided the defense with the means to demonstrate how they theorized that Trayvon banged GZ head into the grass….Oops concrete… (because of course Trayvon crawled from the concrete after getting shot, and died in the grass). George Zimmerman is the liar. Rachel and Trayvon remain the key victims of this travesty…..I will continue to support this brave young Sister….who withstood 7 hrs of bullying, condescension and disrespect…who stayed true to her story of what happened during the last conversation with Trayvon….and though frightened and still grieving…bravely tried to defend and be the voice of her murdered friend….and she did all of this with her hair, nails and medical speech impediment.

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