The Tom Joyner Morning Show asked it’s listeners to express their opinions on the George Zimmerman verdict this past weekend.

Your voice, your opinion and your thoughts are very important to us. A few examples of your opinions are listed below but please continue to let us know what you think by calling 1-800-Joyner-2 any time.

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Caller 1:  I am literally torn apart.  I screamed as if it was my son.  So not fair.  All we can do now is pray for god’s protection on our babies.

 Caller 2:  I am thoroughly hurt.  As a woman of color I fear for my life in America.  They can kill us and they can maim us, they can do whatever they want to us, and they will get off.  But the second we do something as much as cut somebody’s touch somebody’s dress without permission we’re going to jail for two life sentences, no proof, no evidence, I am so, so hurt.

 Caller 3:  Yeah, Tom.  This is my thing about George Zimmerman being acquitted on all charges.  See, what I don’t understand is if he hadn’t intervened then Trayvon Martin would’ve gone home and no homes would’ve been burglarized.  If he hadn’t intervened nobody would be dead right now.  But he did intervene, and someone is dead, and he’s not guilty of anything?  If he just had stayed put like the officer had said on 911 nobody’s house would’ve been burglarized and nobody would be dead right now.  He’s off and  free to leave Florida.

Caller 5:  My heart is just heavy right now.  My summation, this is the message that’s gone out to the country that says it’s okay for young black men to be killed and no justice will be served with it.  God bless you.

 Caller 6:  Wow, unbelievable.  But should I even be surprised?  With the way our justice system is today?  I’m just stunned.

 Caller 7  This is actually, totally insane.  I have no hope for the justice system.  I will not be visiting Florida for any reason if my child can get killed for walking to a store to get something for himself, then I have no business being there.  If the roles were reversed and a black man killed a white child he would fry, plain and simple.  Zimmerman, you’re a marked man.

Caller 8:  I think the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial proves that we have really not grown anywhere and not have gained any major inroads.  For people to sit there and say our justice system is the greatest in the world.  I think they’re very misguided.  Our justice system is the most slated in the world.  If you are black you are not going to get a fair shake upfront.  You have to fight over and over again.  To be executed for walking while black?  Really?  You know what?  Reverend Al Sharpton, I look forward to hearing from you.  We need you.

 Caller 9:  I’m very sad, but yes, please, because I believe justice has been done.  And I hope there’s a message that goes out to all young people, I don’t care what color you are.  Color has nothing to do this with.  Don’t steal people’s stuff.  Don’t get in trouble at school.  Have a good reputation.  Have some integrity.  Don’t have THC in your system if you are going to get in an altercation.  Stand up, be a good American, and please do not make this a racist issue.

 Caller 10:  The prosecution never intended to get a conviction.  If they had intended to get a conviction, uh, Rachel Jeantel would’ve been prepared for this trial.  They had no intentions of ever getting a conviction.  That was a dog and pony show put on to say that they tried the case and albeit their jobs.  They’re lying.  They’re just a bunch of racists.

Caller 11:  I’m the mother of four sons, and I live in Kansas City, and the crime is horrible, and I am (sobbing) just upset about this verdict.

 Caller 12:  My heart is really heavy right now.  I just feel like this country will never heal.  This country will never heal because the hurt runs to deep and for too long.  Why black folks cannot (sobs) get justice in the country?  I just don’t understand.

 Caller 13:  God is in control.  You live by the sword, you die by the sword.  So why he thinking he got away;  it ain’t over for him.

33 thoughts on “EXPRESS YOURSELF: Your Views on the Zimmerman Verdict

  1. Deejay on said:

    This was tragedy that should not have happened. Zimmerman lied in his interview with the police, his story changed several times, the 911 operator told him not to go after Martin and he did. How does one feel threaten when he went after Martin. I don’t understand. The defense team put Martin on trial when that should not have happened, the prosecutor did not put on a good case when it was all there. I pray for the Martin family. The justice system is messed up and we all know had this been the other way around he would have been found guilty.

  2. jhuff on said:

    Boycotting just may work ..after all back when that black robbing crew at miami airport “racially profiled” those white German tourist and killed them in a robbery attempt, European tourism
    did decline

  3. Angela on said:

    we are going to mess around and pray ourselves right back into slavery. Prayer is great but we have got to start taking action. Another commenter asked Tom are you removing your money out of Florida ie the Family Reunion action speaks louder than words. Easy to cry out lets put our money where our months are. Cancel or reschedule the family reunion. Lets not reward a state with our dollar that sanctioned the murder of one of our children

  4. Adrienne Renee Graham on said:

    Unfortunately the verdict came as no surprise. Injustices seen by our forefathers are destined to be experienced by our children and grandchildren as long as we respond with the standard talking protesting and marching. The Civil Rights Movement proved that African-Americans, the largest consumers in the United States who are responsible for keeping this nation’s economy strong, can only effectively bring about change by withdrawing their monetary contributions from a society not recognizing them as equal citizens. I challenge everyone who sees this verdict as a travesty of justice to boycott Florida’s thriving tourism industry and watch how quickly the “stand your ground” is put of for review and possibly revised.

  5. Wendell on said:

    One juror said they thought that was George screaming for help. This was not proven in court. Why they did not ask George to take a lid detector test? This case was decided on what George concocted in his mind as to what happened. If you are a horse of another color, and say you seen a black person do something, then it is the gospel truth in a white mans world. We as blacks have to remember this

  6. I am deeply saddened by the “Not Guilty” verdict and my heart and prayers go out to the Martin Family….because this truly was a senseless act of human violence on Zimmerman’s part and it is my opinion that he should have been found guilty. The support and attention in this case is overwhelming and truly amazing, but I think we as American are not seeing the bigger picture. Jackson, MS has one of the highest per-capita homicide rates in the US and just last week a middle age black male shot and killed a black 15 year old in Jackson, bailed out and was released from jail, got busted again for selling drugs, and was later appended in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Where is the outrage and support for that 15 year old child and his family…not to mention the numerous others that are dying in this fashion? I get it that all cases won’t get the notoriety and media attention, but collectively as African American…if we would rally together and stand up for all injustices of this nature regardless of race (it is even worse when we choose to hurt each other) we’d send a message to these idiots committing these kinds of crimes that we will not stand for this kind of behavior.

    • Adrienne Renee Graham on said:

      Yes Lisa, we must take ownership for the unacceptable homicide rates visited upon our male African-American population from Black-on-Black crime. Community outrage should not only be expressed when the crime is committed from someone outside our race. This statistic should not make the violator any more or less culpable.

  7. A.Miller on said:

    We should take our money somewhere else other than Florida dont go there it is other amusement parks you can go to.To really Honor Trayvon Martin how about that Florida.

  8. A.Miller on said:

    Tom I think to honon our son Travon Martin you should take your funds and find another amusement park other than Disney World in Florida they dont respect us or our Lenin that state.

  9. Georgia on said:

    I had to split my comments into two parts because I tried “5” times & kept getting kicked out but I am determined to say what I need to say. In closing I want to say that until the black race gets justice for Trayvon it will feel like there is a cloud of gloom over each black community because we just cannot rest & let such an injustice go without a fight for a satisfactory outcome. The cloud of gloom has to be lifted & justice is the only way to lift it.

  10. Georgia on said:

    Whenever an injustice occurs like the one with Trayvon a piece of the heart of the black race is ripped out because it is so offensive; disrespectful; insulting; outrageous & appalling !! It makes us reflect back to the slavery & civil rights era when black people were treated like “Nothing” & “Nothing” is exactly what Trayvon, his family, friends & the black race were treated like when that “Not Guilty” verdict was delivered. White people always ask why we play the Race Card but when the Race Card is evident it “Must” be played ! We all know that if a black man killed a white boy he would be found “Guilty” yet Zimmerman is not only found “Not Guilty” but he has no consequences, not even probation or community service. WTH ?

  11. Also, I’d like to say that it is heartbreaking to know that we continue to live in (and likely always will) a country (that we helped build with our blood, sweat and tears, where hatred for an entire race of people continues to prevail. Many of our children and grandchildren so want to believe that things have change for the better but many of them find themselves facing the reality that in fact, not much has really changed at all. This tragedy and travesty of justice serves as a reminder for us all. My prayers go out to the Martin family. Honestly I have no idea how they sat thru this farce…

  12. This case was lost for the Martin family by the Sanford police who didn’t bother to conduct a proper investigation the night and following days of the murder. The intent was to cover this up from the beginning. By the time the prosecutors got this case, keep evidence was lost, the crime scene as compromised, hell even the childs father wasn’t contacted dispite the fact that the police had his cell phone and could have contacted any number in it for notification or to locate next of kin. Zimmerman goes free largely because of their negligence and disregard for the life of a young black boy. I hope the family sues Zimmerman and the Sanford Police Dept.. for wrongful death.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Let’s not underestimate the complete implosion on the stand of Rachael Jeantel aka Diamond Eugene. A complete disgrace and proven liar.

  13. Jiggy5 on said:

    I have served on jury duty several times, one thing you must remember, if you have a criminal conviction you can’t serve. That fact alone eliminates a good percentage of black males. I have seen black women use every excuse in the book to get excused from the inconvenience of jury duty. Let’s be honest here ladies, and please don’t say, “but I would have served on this trial”. That don’t wash here.


  14. Jiggy5 on said:

    Linda M. The jurors where not picked exclusively by the defense team. That is a lie. Check your facts before making an inaccurate statement.

  15. cjpeppers on said:

    how can a Florida court sentence anyone to death with a system as crooked as they have. they need to overhaul their entire system because they have lost all credibility.

  16. Linda M.Leake on said:

    These jurors’ need to be held accountable, they made the decision of not guilty, who are these people, why did it have to be an all white jury I thought them days were over, these juror’s picked by the defense team, have been bought under the table, yes this verdict was wrong, but this is not over, Zimmerman will answer to someone higher than him, he’s a marked man, living in fear as he should be.& what did his brother get on fox & talked down about this young man he didn’t even know, get him for slander too, Zimmerman will suffer dearly living in fear is no joke.he’ll get his, with an all white jury what could we expect?

  17. majestic on said:

    People we need to make changes to law(s) If we want change otherwise this will happen to someone else child. This should be a wake up call to call your senators, congress people and say we don’t like the self defense law. Don’t let his death be in vain, support the current cause and MAKE A CHANGE IF NOT FOR YOU THAN SAVE SOMEONE ELSE CHILD!!

  18. Jiggy5 on said:

    Peeps, let us not forget Racheal aka Diamond Jeantel, whose “Keepin’ in real” train wreck testimony all but forced the jury to disregard all of her testimony. She was a proven liar under oath.

  19. Mystique on said:


    • Amari on said:

      Did you know that one of the lady on the jury have a deal to make a book off of the trial? PLEASE DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING THAT CRAP!!!!! She wants to try and make a fortune off this. Unless the proceeds are going to the Martin Family then she needs to keep her thoughts to herself because they said it all when they let Zimmerman go free. None of this makes any sense at all.

  20. Brandi on said:

    I am a resident of Baton Rouge, LA. Why an all white Jury? This law needs to be changed. No jury in any state shoud be of one race. The Stand your Ground Law has been abused in this case. Zimmerman was not standing his ground, Travyvon was. If Zimmerman would have listened to what he was told “stay in your car” we would not be to this point. This law needs to be changed, it is being abused. Action Required!!

  21. demp109 on said:

    While I feel for the Martin family, this is totally misplaced! TJMS, please spend one show with professionals and caring folk who have ideas on how to end black on black violence!!!!! Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore; we need folk to show up like they do when it’s white on black crime. Just because black on black does not get the media’s attention, WE still need to do our part as a community. It’s insane what’s happening our black youth by other black youth!!!!

  22. Sharon Tinsley on said:

    I feel we who recgonize the injustice of the verdict should boycott Florida’s business’s such as Disney World etc. Business’s ‘s should schedule conferences in other states. Hit them where it hurts in their pockets. We should not spend money in a state that does not value the lives of people because of the color of their skin.

    • I totally agree that we all should boycott the state of Florida. it was not surprising because the same was done with the Caylee Anthony trial. killing babies and young black males who live in a upper middle class neighborhood is the norm there. helping suspects by overlooking being drunk and overzealous is the cops number 1 area of crime fighting. Zimmerman met his match that night, he really didn’t think he would encounter someone who fought back. that is the whole thing, Trayvon fought back and whipped his azz. that is why he was shot. Zimmerman is a cold bloodied murderer anyway you look at it. this murder was provoked by Zimmerman only.

    • majestic on said:

      I don’t think boycotting will solve our problems because most of the people who visit Disney World our tourist. The jury had every right to vote how they did. Do I agree with the decision “NO” but the law is what you can prove in court and the prosecution didn’t make their case. If this was on video tape he would have been guilty but you can’t get a victory on reasonable doubt.

  23. the Timekeeper on said:

    There has been endless commentary over what the prosection did or did not do in this case. Was this a perfect case. Of course not, there is no such thing. The only perfect game is in baeball. Did they make some errors, yes, but so did the defense. However, a lot of people, including all of those professional pundits who get paid big $$$ to talk about this. Those six women went into that room with a predetermned notion of letting him get away with murder. Racism is not limited to the male species, dont kid yourself. These lawyers, judges, pundits, and talk show commentators seemed to think women jurors would have been more sensitive. Give me a break! You can analyze and over analyze some scenario where you believe this verdict could have gone another way. Maybe that helps you cope. But if you ever see the great documentary ” eyes on the prize” you see the mothers, wives and girlfriends of these racist men, beating the life out of those trying to cross the Edmind Pettis bridge, and check out what they are doing. They are cheering them on. the only thing missing are Pom Poms.

  24. Beverly Ward on said:

    Caller 9 kills me talking about be good citizens, how in the hell she come up with that, like white boys don’t do the same thing when they are teenagers please give me a break that’s what I’m talking about whites like her it’s really too many of them to even count. I bet you if that had a happen to her child she wouldn’t be saying that old fuck up stuff.

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