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OJ Simpson is about to get his wish of a parole hearing.

On July 25 Simpson’s criminal case goes to a parole board in Nevada for a portion of his 2008 conviction in the kidnapping and armed robbery of two sports collectible dealers.

But, according the AP, there’s no chance he’ll be set free if granted a parole.

The problem for Simpson is that the parole hearing is for the kidnapping conviction. But the former NFL superstar running back, now 66, was given multiple sentences, some of which were ordered to be served consecutively.

That means he must complete his time or be paroled on some charges before he begins to serve his other sentences. Hence, he’s not going anywhere.

On the other hand, he may get another trial. His new defense team is arguing that he needs a repeat at proving his innocence because his previous defense team botched his trial and had a conflict of interest.

They argued previous defense lawyer Yale Galanter shared responsibility for the ill-conceived plot in September 2007, when he stormed a Las Vegas hotel room to confront the memorabilia dealers. They also argued Galanter deliberately sabotaged Simpson’s chances for acquittal and success on appeal to protect himself and his own self-interests.

A ruling by District Judge Linda Marie Bell on whether a new trial is warranted is pending.

If Simpson succeeds in getting his conviction thrown out, prosecutors will have to either retry him or offer a plea deal. It’s also possible he could be freed with credit for time served.

If Bell rules against him, he stays in prison and could appeal her ruling to a higher court.

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