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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is no stranger to offending a wide swath of people during his program, “The O’Reilly Factor.” And this time, his latest insult occurred while he was having a conversation with Reverend Jacques DeGraff, claiming that crime in the United States is at high numbers because of young African-American men.

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The conversation took place Monday night, following an earlier discussion with actor LeVar Burton on Monday, whom which O’Reilly curiously refers to as “a good guy.” Continuing his “Race & Crime In America” segment, the host posted the question to Rev. DeGraff if he was wrong in stating, “[o]verwhelmingly, violent crime in this country is generated by young Black men.”

Rev. DeGraff responded that the numbers show that the numbers are about geography and where these young men reside. O’Reilly hit back with a statistic from 2011 that said 91 percent of all Blacks murdered that year were killed by their own people. Rev. DeGraff agreed that the sobering figure was extremely high, but contended that most violent crimes happen within the ethnic groups or social base of the victims.

O’Reilly, to his credit, supported Rev. DeGraff’s exasperation at the lack of coverage by major and minor news outlets on the crime epidemic happening in cities like Chicago, New York, and other major hubs of activity.

After some tense banter over the socioeconomic factors at play with crime and Black Americans, O’Reilly shifted his attention to the George Zimmerman trial.

The host suggested that because the Zimmerman case has dominated the news cycle, it is prompting liberal media and outlets to push the issue of Black-on-Black crime to the wayside. O’Reilly once again injected his opinion that Zimmerman will be acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, and that Blacks will immediately riot in response.

Watch O’Reilly’s interview here:

It isn’t clear what crystal ball O’Reilly is peering in to with his guess that if Zimmerman walks, Black people will collectively destroy the city of Sanford. Of course, it’s easier to take the host’s comments as nothing more than the overreaching bombast he’s become rich and famous for.

However, O’Reilly plays a dangerous game of projecting violence during a time when tensions are high nationwide, especially in the Zimmerman case where nearly all the facts point to the idea that the night watchman clearly acted out of bounds.

Mr. O’Reilly’s schtick is to talk slick and sideways about Blacks and liberals, but this time, his words carry an especially irresponsible tone worthy of an outcry.

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19 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Says U.S. Crime High Because Of ‘Young Black Men’

  1. demp109 on said:

    While I feel for the Martin family, I am furious at the media, radio, churches, schools and everyone who are not sounding the alarm about black on black crime. If it’s just a passing mention on Black radio, why should other outlets cover it? I’m from Chicago and Jesse J. is flying to Florida!!! Roland M. claims it’s open season on black boys because of the Martin ruling. Well damn, they should stop by Englewood, where it’s been open season on everybody for a very long time!!!

  2. majestic on said:

    Poor Bill will say or do anything to stay on Television (It’s called ratings) I guess Bush gets a pass for killing 150,000 innocent Iraqis or what about the kid who dressed up as the Joker and shot innocent people in a movie theater.

  3. Anna on said:

    O’Reilly plays on the fears of white middle America. The small towns where violent crimes never

    happen but incest and molestation are okay. The places where if a black man walks down the

    street, a white woman thinks her purse will be stolen but gives all her life savings the people like

    Madoff. White America wants to hear this to justify their thoughts and feelings.

  4. Unfortunately, we need to get rid of the ignorant people who our kids emulate in this ALBINO (European descent) society. Lil Wayne, Jay z, Kanye west, and these other non-productive sellouts. Who tell our kids it’s okay to call themselves N@gg@ in public and at home, it’s okay to slag your pants and practice unethical behavior that’s destructive. We need to first clean up our house by holding our so-call leaders accountable.

    • The Last black leader was Martin Luther King Jr. After Medgar Evans, Malcolm x and Martin Luther King Jr. There are no more black leaders. Al and Jesse have done nothing but sellout based on who greased their pockets. They swing back on certain issues but mostly, they go with whom ever pad those pockets. I used to have respect for both but it has turned to disgust as they continue to sellout.

      Black people need to stop waiting on leaders and clean their house and then their neighborhoods. Your never going to get change waiting for these fake leaders or the man to bring order and justice to you.

  5. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Wow I guess he isn’t counting Sandy Hook, the multiple shootings at Virginia Tech and the shooting at the movie theater by white men. The news media have not yet called these men thugs but yet they continue to call Trayvon a thug every chance they get and Zimmerman had the gun and was looking fro trouble when Trayvon was going home. We all know that if Trayvon had shot Zimmerman he would have been in jail within 45 seconds he would not have spent 45 days at home. Is anyone gonna call those kids who commited Columbine thugs. Sure black folks kill each other but white men got us beat they take out a whole building. Remember Timothy McVeigh. With all of the shootings it’s amazing how the police and FBI still doesn’t profile white men the way they do men of color.

  6. Where is Johnnie Cochran when we need him?? Johnnie would have taken Zimmerman’s defense team to the cleaners. Rest in Peach Johnnie

  7. There is definitely too much black on black crime. I for one have been questioning for a looooooong time as to why SO-CALLED black leaders haven’t addressed this issue. But I can’t stand O’Reilly. He’s smug, and self righteous. Exactly what did he mean by calling Levar Burton a “good guy”? Does O’Reilly think that all, or most black guys are bad. Too me his comment was a back handed compliment. O’Reilly is known for making stupid comments when it comes to black people. Like when he went to Sylvia’s in Harlem and said he was surprised that people were just eating their food. What the H did he expect them to be doing??!! Stereotyping at it’s best

    • jhuff on said:

      I saw that segment I think he lost the bet with Al Sharpton so diner was on him he commented that it was very professionally run and a pleasant tell me what did Harry Reid (D) Arizona mean in 2008 when he remarked that then senator Obama was “a very articulate man?

  8. jhuff on said:

    Any decent fair minded person should know that the majority of young AA’s are good respectful people.. there are just too many AA’s that aren’t

  9. Alisha on said:

    My 2 young black men are in school not running around unleashed. 1 is in college the other is going to high school. They are not aloud to run the streets at all. Anything they do is monitored. No all black men are criminals. At least mine are not.

  10. jhuff on said:

    Over the holiday weekend 2 relatives were killed at a family gathering, the young man identified and captured? Oh sh*t was a black man not even a George Zimmerman looking black man. Chicago body count 200 I’m betting will rise by Monday morning. Bull sh*t articles like this only serve to bolster those who refuse to face reality (I watched that segment of the factor it went nothing like portrayed in this article)

  11. PetraBlue on said:

    I know we don’t like to talk about this and prefer to stick our heads in the sand and pray that things will get better, but this fool is speaking the truth about violence and young black men. Young black men between the ages of 17 to 29 are acting wild and unleashed, they are killing black people in Chicago like they are on the battle fields of Iraq. I am sick and tired of tip toeing around this subject because if we don’t do something about it eventually the government will. Innocent poor black folks are suffering the consequences of what these thugs do and because of this thuggery all black young men are paying a heavy price.

  12. SayWhat on said:

    O’Reilly thought process is the same as a lot of Americans. It made sense that he would follow that discussion up with the Zimmerman trial. I bet some of the members of the jury believe too.

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