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43-year old Madelyn Sheaffer claims she was kicked out of a local water park for being too sexy in her bikini.

Sheaffer claims staff members at Adventure Oasis Water Park told her she had to put shorts on because her bikini was too small.

The park’s supervisor also asked her to cover up or exit the park.

Sheaffer says staff singled her out because of her age, body type and the style of her bikini.

The water park has not commented on the report.

5 thoughts on “Woman Kicked Out of Water Park for Being Too Sexy

  1. I sense jealousy from Wildflower, who cares if they consider her “to sexy” she lost 100lbs, she is looking pretty sexy for her age, and her age is what caused this problem. HOW CAN ANYONE be considered slutty at a swimming pool? lmao.

  2. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this woman’s bathing suit, there a millions of Teenage and 18-30nyear old woman who wear swimming suits as skimpy as this one. I hope she takes this case to the next level!!!

  3. Funny how people interpet things. Lady it’s not because you’re too sexy but too slutty for a family establishment. No one wants their 7 yr old looking at your butt cheeks or boobs. Wear a swim suit that is age appropriate and the correct size and trust me no one would even notice you among all the other beautiful women and handsome men at the park.

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