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I like all of you know how important sports are to so many people around the world. That is why the moves of our favorite or not so favorite players on and off of our teams of choice, or better yet teams of passion seem to make us react so emotionally. Hell, it is why Tom Joyner is on America’s most wanted for killing the team dreams of millions of the people he claims to love. But every now and again, in the midst of our passion we miss a bigger lesson than who is going to play where and why.

It was finally announced that Dwight Howard, the embattled Lakers’ center would be leaving the team to take his so-called talents to Houston. But family lets talk about the real gems we can get out of this. From this sports driven drama we get the three relationship rules from Dwight Howard. Now ladies and gentleman, learn these things now that it has taken the Lakers too long to learn.

1.     Accept people for who they are not who you want them to be. – I was never able to understand why fans thought Howard was going to be able to do in the latter part of his career what he couldn’t do at his best. But more important, how many of us watch people not deliver in certain areas of their life when they are not with us, and get with them anyway acting like they will now soar like an eagle. I know we are all great, but we don’t have the power to make someone play like a champ in a relationship when they either don’t want to or don’t know how to. Please….accept people for who they ARE.

2.     Don’t Beg For The Bottom – Why in the world did LA put signs up asking Howard….no….begging Howard to stay when he stated he may be out? And why do we often do the same thing when people say they want to leave us, begging someone who has never delivered on what they said they would, and frankly is not capable of joining us on our quest to achieve what God has called us to. You don’t have to beg for anyone to be in your life when God will bless you with the BEST.

3.     Standing Still By Yourself is better than going backwards with someone who cant give you what you deserve. – As a Lakers fan I would rather not go to the playoffs as we rebuild than go with a big man that cant put up real numbers. Family, so many of us are rolling in the wrong direction with the wrong person vs. standing still alone (or even pushing our own way through). Love yourself enough to open the space for what the future will bring.

No hate to Dwight family, I just want you to search for Love without being a Laker.