The suit alleges the “F*ck You” singer finagled Cierra Management Group out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over concerts that were supposed to take place over a two-day period.

Supposedly, Cee Lo’s people approached the group with a “12 Days of Christmas” tour concert proposition for $100K a show in 2011, reports TMZ.

That was too rich for Cierra’s blood.

Cee Lo’s folks tried again, this time, cutting it down to six days at the same price. Still, a no go.

Finally, the parties bargained to come up with two concerts for a total of $243,000, including expenses.

According to Cierra, the deal didn’t go through.

The company’s leadership believes it was a scheme from the beginning, though the group does not name Cee Lo as a guilty party in the conspiracy.

However, he is being sued for refusing to perform.

Cierra is asking for $14.2 million.

(Photo: Retna)

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