Rihanna has never been one not to defend herself, especially through social networks, and today was no exception. She went in on British journalist Liz Jones, who criticized Rih for the decisions she’s made ever since she has reinvented herself as a bad girl.

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Jones calls her a “poisonous pop princess” who should come”with government health warning.” Her whole point is that the image she is portraying can be negative and damaging to the young girls who look up to her.

While Rihanna knows when to tone it down in order to pull in advertising deals and keep her record label sweet — so much so that she has enough dollar bills to use them as a carpet, and so many diamonds she can pretend to smoke them in a spliff, both things she’s been pictured doing — the message she’s sending to her young fans, through her explicit lyrics, vile dance moves and pictures on Twitter, is utterly toxic.

The article also shows pictures from Rihanna’s Instagram feed with her take on the comments like this:

Hitting the bottle last summer after her grandmother’s funeral. She doesn’t even bother with a glass…

So let’s forget about the fact that Rihanna has said TIME and TIME again that she is nobody’s role model, and not to even put her in that category. It seems that Ms. Jones has done her research on so many other nooks and crannies of Rihanna’s career that she forgot that. But Rihanna reminded her in her own bad gyal way. See Rihanna’s response on the next page.

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One thought on “Rihanna Goes Off On British Reporter [PHOTO]

  1. Rihanna without a doubt. The girl is entitled to a life without reproach, she is not a Sunday school teacher and the media is largely responsible for what we and our children see. Beyond that it is down to the PARENTS.

    Liz Jones makes me embarrassed to be (a) white (b) over 50 (c) menopausal 😉

    Let young, talented, beautiful young women do their thing Liz and go and cry over your lost youth elsewhere. Whilst I ain’t thrilled about ageing you don’t have to be bitter and twisted or resent anyone else their turn….

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