A French mother may now hold the title for Best Mom EVER, after she was caught taking an exam in place of her daughter while disguised as a teen.

Caroline D., 52, was detained outside the exam hall after the proctor caught her attempting to take the Baccalauréat exam — a university entry exam for French high schoolers — in place of her daughter in hopes of getting her 19 year-old a decent score on the English portion.

The Parisan mother entered the exam hall dressed in Converse sneakers, low-rise jeans and a boat-load of make-up. Caroline went unnoticed for the early portion of the exam, before the proctor — who supervised an earlier exam with her daughter — noticed that her ID failed to match the grown ass woman sitting at the desk.

Police officers were soon called to the scene, but in an effort not to disrupt the students taking the exam, Caroline was allowed to continue writing for two out of the three hours. Eventually, the proctor asked the mother to step outside, where she was arrested on suspicion of fraud.

No harm, no foul, right? Not exactly. If convicted of the charges, Caroline’s daughter could be barred from retaking the Baccalauréat exam for the next five years. Thanks a lot, mom. 

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One thought on “52 Year-Old Caught Taking Daughter’s College Exam

  1. Debbie on said:

    These people have been doing this for years. When I went to take my placement exams for school, they were sitting in there cheating. I wanted to say something but I figured they would get by anyway so why bother.

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