A Good Old Nicci Bashing Session


It seemed as though whenever the divas got together, the topic of conversation always reverted back to Nicci and when Syleena brought the ladies together to celebrate her new reggae album, it was no different. Angie told the girls that she was concerned about Nicci’s charity and believed that it was shady and tried to persuade the girls to be on her side. Keke felt a little weird about discussing her friend Nicci behind her back so she opted not to participate in the Nicci bashing session, this time. Later, Monifah decided to meet with Nicci and invited Keke and her husband to get to the bottom of the issue. Nicci used this as an opportunity to vent and explained that she wanted to use her charity for the Brownstone reunion. Keke and Monifah agreed to help despite the feelings from the other girls. Let’s hope this doesn’t cause any more drama.

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