Keke’s Surprise Birthday Dinner


After a disastrous charity event, it was time for a little fun at Keke’s birthday dinner.  Everything was running smoothly until Keke interrupted her birthday toast to throw shade on Angie. Keke was still upset about Angie’s comments but Angie seemed to feel s though she didn’t do anything wrong. Before you know it, chaos erupted in the room and all of the ladies were screaming at each other. Over the screaming, Syleena called out to Nicci and told her she was dead to her! I guess she was tired of holding all her frustration in: the DVD hold up, the tour drama and most recently the terrible charity event. “What you’ve done to these women is a sin and there’s a special place in hell for you!” Syleena told Nicci before storming off muttering something about Nicci’s black gums! LOL!

With all this drama, I can’t want to see how things will pan out on the reunion show next week!

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