Dear Tom,

My mother has been working for the u.s. Government for 47 years – she is currently with the Department of Homeland Security but we don’t talk about that.

She was a single mother raising my sister and me while working two jobs a lot of times. she did a phenomenal job raising us instilling her morals, values and taught us how to be a strong black woman.

When I became a single mom at age 16, my mother showed me how to overcome all obstacles.  I refused to be another statistic and graduated high school on time and went on to become a successful Police Officer.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her being there physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. she is so dedicated to her family and job -always putting others first and never takes time out for herself…she doesn’t even think about retirement!

I know She gets a lot of vacation days…but she loses them if she doesn’t take them. The last time she took time off was in 2010 and she went on a cruise.  She had such a great time she wants to go again. Can you help a mother out?


Petrina Pettegrue

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Mom: Izola Proctor

  1. DeeDee on said:

    Awwww, so sweet! I know Ms. Proctor personally and Tom you couldn’t have picked a better person. She is a very nice lady who always gives, gives, gives. I am in the military and had the pleasure of working with her on one of my tours. She was my mom away from home, wiping tears,someone to support and keep my spirits lifted. She is not only loved by her family but by so many others. Her daughters are truly blessed to have her as a mother. I can’t believe “Betty” would post such a negative comment. There is so much more that goes with her story than what Tom read so keep that negativity out this community!!! This lady is the best, have fun Ms. Proctor! Love you and miss u so much! Good Job Tom Joyner and the crew!!

  2. Abdul on said:

    I agree with you 100% Natasha. Is this writer Betty serious about the comment she posted? SMH, so sad because its always the African American community who tries to bring each other down. Betty you don’t know what this mother has done, helped or what obstacles she has been through in life. You only hear what Tom chooses to read.Unbelievable that you even took the time to post something so negative that doesn’t even make sense.” Working 47 years, making big bucks and you are sending her on a trip?” Uh Duhhhh, yes it makes alot of sense Betty!!! When you have walked a day in this mother’s shoes and are able to say you have been able to hold down a job for 47 years, maybe you will see that that is a rewarding moment in your life! Thank you Ms. Proctor, I don’t know you but you sound like an amazing person who is much loved by your family! Betty, as Tamar Braxton would say , “GIRL GET YOUR LIFE AND HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!!!!”

  3. Betty on said:

    This amazes me, a woman get selected as Thursday Morning Mom , a woman who have been on her job 47 years making big bucks and you award her by sending her on a trip? It an’t about what you do, it’s who you know these days! NO MORE DONATIONS!!

    • Natasha on said:

      Haters gonna continue to hate. Maybe if you cared enough about your Mother you could write in and do the same instead of making negative comments. How do you know how much she makes and where her money is going? It’s time for others to be happy for people in this world and the blessings that flow their way instead of posting ignorant comments like the one you just posted Betty!!! Working for 47 years in my book deserves some type of recognition and this was a beautiful thing that Tom Joyner did and continues to do for mothers on Thursdays. Job Well done Tom and thank you Ms. Proctor for being a mother that your family appreciates, recognizes, and loves enough to want the World to know the wonderful person that you are!! God Bless you Betty!

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