woman-eatingDid summer creep up on you this year? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one freaking out over what they didn’t sweat out. But here’s the good news…according to super FitGirl and celebrity nutritionist Christine Avanti, you still have time sistah friend! So dust off your beach bag and add these bikini friendly foods to your diet pronto.

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#1 Coconut Oil

Olive oil isn’t the only cool virgin out there. Add coconut oil to your diet and rev up your metabolism in a way that no other oil can. Obesity researchers at McGill University found that medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), the type found in coconuts, actually use up energy when they are metabolized. The calories the body uses to oxidize the fatty acids in coconut oil is greater than the calories they provide. Hollla! So it’s possible to burn more calories digesting coconut oil than you get from eating it. Eat it, breathe it, smell it, swim in it for goodness sakes! Okay, maybe that’s a bit much…but you catch my drift.

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