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Kanye West is under attack over lyrics on his new album.  On the opening track Kanye raps, ‘We get this joint shaking like Parkinson’s.’  And the American Parkinson’s Disease Association is very upset.  But Kanye has bigger problems than the Parkinson’s Association, because after naming his album Yeezus, Kanye has just signed a contract for the afterlife to headline at Hellapolooza.

According to news reports southern chef superstar Paula Deen has confessed to using the N word.  But Paula denies being a racist.  Has Paula Dean lost her mind?  Does she think she can get away with this just because she makes delicious southern fried chicken, and corn bread, and collared-greens, and peach cobbler, and bread pudding?  Paula Dean, you had better, not ever, EVER use the N word all that much.

 Kevin Hart’s ex-wife says she’s headed to reality TV, perhaps on a show like Hollywood Ex’s.  But I have a better idea.  Kevin Hart’s ex should team up with Kirk Franklin’s wife, Musiq Soulchild’s girlfriend, and one of Prince’s ex ladies and form the Real Housewives of Munchkin Land.

♫‘Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road.  Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road.’♫