Jazz/R&B crooner Will Downing has been around when since when listening to an album on a turntable was the only way you could hear recorded music. Now 25 years in the game, he’s releasing his 16th recording “Silver.” It’s full of the kind of music that has keep Downing relevant all these years. His smooth baritone is often the choice for lovers everywhere, thus his reputation for “baby-makin’ music.” “I’ve got three and that’s all I’m claiming,” Downing told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “The Lord can sure make them, so let’s give it up the Lord.”

“Silver” includes “live” rehearsal audio of Downing performing a medley of his interpretation of the classics “I Go Crazy,” “Wishing on A Star” and “I Try,” as well as seven songs fron his 3 EP’s ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” Despite a battle with the debilitating disease polymyositis, which left him unable to walk for the better part of a year, Downing persevered, recording sometimes from his bed. Ultimately he recovered from it and has been recording and touring at the same pace as before.

“I feel great,” he says.

As for touring, he hasn’t lost a step. He says he’s on the road “not just this summer, but this winter, this spring, this fall. I’m somewhere just about every weekend.” To purchase “Silver” and get more info on tour dates, go to Downing’s official website Or Joe’s Hair Shack, where Downing jokingly says you can probably find it, too.

Watch Will Downing’s In-Studio Jam

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