Everyone from the Jackson family seemed to be in attendance during the wedding between Taj Jackson and Tayana Jackson with one notable absence: Paris Jackson.

The ceremony, which was held Sunday afternoon at the family’s Hayvenhurst home, “was like a family reunion,” says a source inside the wedding. Guests included Prince Michael Jackson, Blanket Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Jermaine Jacksun, La Toya Jackson, Tito Jackson and Joe Jackson.

When it came to the topic of Paris being a no show, mum’s the word.

“No one said a word about Paris,” a source told E! Online, adding that the 15-year-old, who was being treated at UCLA Medical Center following her alleged suicide attempt, “wanted to come but they wouldn’t let her out of the hospital.”

“I think everyone was trying to block it out and just enjoy the wedding,” our source adds. “You wouldn’t know anything was going on, except that [Katherine] looked sad. She didn’t look her normal, happy self.”

The family seems to be trying to keep a positive outlook towards Paris and her troubles.

“She’s optimistic Paris will get the help she needs,” we’re told. “She doesn’t think Paris realized at the time how serious the consequences of her actions would be. The hospitalization has hit Paris hard that this is serious.”

Paris’ brothers, Prince Michael and Blanket, seem to be coping well. They both reportedly spent the night having a good time amongst family.

“Blanket and Prince are very well-adjusted. You wouldn’t know anything was wrong,” the insider claims.

“They were hanging out and laughing with their cousins, having a great time. Prince’s girlfriend was there. He didn’t leave her hip the entire night. And Blanket was really outgoing, but he only talks to the people he’s close with.”

All in all the wedding flowed smoothly and without a hitch straying away from the usual drama associated with the Jackson family.

In fact, the nuptials featured the key hallmark of the family: music.

“Jermaine got up and sang three songs,” the insider says, adding that the singer “dedicated one to his mother, Katherine.”

3 thoughts on “Paris Jackson a No Show Jackson for Taj Jackson’s Wedding

  1. Could this family chill for a while, and let Mrs. Jackson enjoy the rest of life without the fighting and bickering over money and fame. The public will never ever, eva forget the Jacksons. With all the money they’ve had, they should work on just keeping Momma happy, life is short. Congrats to the couple too, God bless you.

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