Video performer Pebbelz Da Model, real name Natasha Stewart, was arrested in January in connection to a homicide in Mississippi. Pebbelz, known for videos and photos featuring her 48-inch backside, was wanted for questioning in the death of a Mississippi woman Karima Gordon who had her buttocks injected with concrete.

Today Stewart appeared in court and entered a plea of not guilty to four counts of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Take a look of her appearance in court below.

How are we as a society condoning getting this stuff done in a legitimate doctor’s office, let alone in some shady chick’s house or worse in our own homes? Apparently there are people out here that are so unhappy with what they see in the mirror that they are willing to let people inject crazy concoctions into their bodies in order to make their hind parts bigger.

We’re all for being vane for vanity’s sake if it makes you feel better about yourself, but if it can end your life then we need to pump the brakes.  Because as you see in the video, it can cost you your freedom or your life.

We know this story is just getting started. We will keep you updated on it as more information about this trial becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Pebbelz Da Model Appears In Court To Face Butt Injection Murder Charges [VIDEO]

  1. Tf, are women so stupid & lazy these days that they can’t just eat to get a fat ass?!? All because you don’t want to exercise to shed the unwanted fat in your midsection and thighs to sculpt your body so you let a unqualified career whore inject cement into your butt, lmfao and all for what? So you can have a career for 5 years twerking on stage for lonely diseased retards to shower you with singles? Great plan! No man in his right mind is going to wife you, in the end you’re just a whore, can you blame the men? You cannot be trusted! “Oh I met your mom in the strip club, you should have seen the ass on her son, mmm~mmm~mmm! She was making it clap and she was forcing objects into all of her orifices shooting liquid from her anus upwards of 10 feet! It truly is a sight to behold, love at first sight, every man in that club wanted her but she chose me, why? Because I was the most desperate and I bought her shiny things!” Murder by booty injection, fasdaFDFNDJNBBDKASsadaas…. We cannot let people like this reproduce, 2~3 generations from now we’ll be a nation full of brain-dead soulless degenerates. So you got a big fat booty… What about all the pimple scars? Dark spots from sitting around all damn day? The fact that you can’t even walk a quarter mile without losing your breath, Im just sayin’ take care of yourself and be healthy physically and mentally, I’d take a sane stable woman over a big booty mental case any day of the week as will most men. Good god Ima’ go inject cement into my dick and hope for the best, CEMENT! The same stuff used for foundations on buildings! Rock solid ass that could crack toilet seats, thats whats in right now?!? Slap your booty and bruise my hand, tf did you think was going to happen? So sick of seeing every other woman covered in hideous tattoos like they don’t plan to live past age 30, your tattoos look like 12 year old trapper keeper decal stickers, you look R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D! Grown ass women with the mind of a child, what happened? Are you stunted? Did daddy not hug you enough when you were little? That butterfly above your crotch looks like a hairy moth and those stars you keep getting tatted look so original, you don’t respect your own body and you expect us to?!? Stars?!? Tf, are you a russian mobster??! All I want is a woman with a decent frame that isn’t covered in crappy “Artwork” whom I can hold a conversation with that goes beyond the subject of what you like/hate, want/don’t want, somebody that wouldn’t embarrass the f*ck out of me, someone that can spell their own name properly, you’re a grown woman! You have no business talking about Kanye or Drake or whoever the f*ck, at this rate Ima’ have to import a wife from another country and pray to god that the American media doesn’t turn her into a demented coke whore, a walking black hole with an anus that resembles the center of a glazed donut. Nothing can make you skanks happy, nada! You’re f*cked in the head, angry at everything, all you do is eat. sh*t, sleep and f*ck and yap, yap, yap, yap, yap and blame men… If we’re all dogs its because YOU give it away! If it wasn’t for the ass shaking and sex you wouldn’t get no exercise at all, literal baby machines… Rant over…

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