After hearing about Paris Jackson‘s suicide attempt Dr. Conrad Murray decided it was fitting to reach out to the daughter of the late Michael Jackson.

Murray released a statement from his jail cell, where he is currently serving a four-year sentence for the death of Michael Jackson after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on November 7, 2011.

The statement reads: “From where I sit, all I have to give is love. I love Paris with all of my heart and I just want her to be well and happy. Upon hearing the news of her current crisis, I was gravely affected. I reached out to her through my statement to let her know that I care deeply about her, and I always have, and I always will. She will continue to be in my prayers.”

He also noted that Paris was one of the only people who reached out to him despite her deep grief, saying, It was you who came to console me,” adding, “I was touched by your compassion and your grace.”

TMZ also reported that Murray gave Paris a call.

5 thoughts on “Really?! Dr. Conrad Murray Reaches Out To Paris Jackson

  1. Debbie on said:

    Leave Conrad Murray alone!!! He is a victim of circumstance. He didn’t kill MJ, MJ was dead before Conrad Murray got his doctors license. It’s unfortunate that he is the fall guy for all of this. Glad he reached out to her.

    • Conrad Murray is a greedy opportunist who put the life of a human being above money. As a physician, he was supposed to do no harm. MJ’s nurse walked away rather than give in to demands that she knew would be dangerous to MJ’s health. Dr. Murray should have done the same. Only two people are responsible for MJ’s death. Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray.

  2. tyrone on said:

    PENAL AUTHORITIES dropped the ball here, big time! because, the law prohibits those convicted of a crime [Conrad Murray] from contacting the victim’s family AFTER conviction & even while on probation.

  3. Amber3 on said:

    Conrad, you did enuf. You are the reason why MJ is dead. Murray did the injects and waited too long to get help.

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