Things got unnecessarily out of hand when a Providence news reporter went to interview a woman whose daughter was shot over the weekend at a graduation party. Melissa Lawrence was arrested after assault after she ordered her dogs to attack an on-air reporter.

The ABC 6 reporter, Abbey Niezgoda, went to tell Lawrence the man who shot her daughter was captured. Lawrence replied, “Okay, that’s good,” and all of a sudden turned vicious. She threw a rock at the camera man and then came back with a bat.

Lawrence was charged with two counts of felony assault.

Why did she have to do this? If she didn’t want to comment, she could have simply declined. No one can force you to speak or answer something if you don’t want to. I’m quite positive having your child shot is traumatizing, and to that one can respectfully decline. But to have your dogs attack is ridiculous, unnecessary, and cruel. Now look at that. Her daughter is home nursing her wounds while homegirl is in jail because she couldn’t properly say to leave her alone. Ma’am, bye.

3 thoughts on “Woman Arrested After Ordering Dogs To Attack Reporter [VIDEO]

  1. carol on said:

    i dont know what the author of this article was looking at that i wasnt but i heard the woman ask a few times to be left alone and for them to leave her property. yes, she was wrong for turning the dogs on her but i understand how it happened. the reporter wanted a story and she got more than she bargained for.

  2. LMarie on said:

    Having dogs attack you is a very scary experience. It appears however that the reporter and her cameraman didn’t approach this woman with repect and caution and it seems that she doesn’t speak very good English so she may not have known that they were bearing good news. She should be held accountable however but they didn’t leave her alone when she told them too. I would’ve been gone, public street or not, after the rock was thrown. Reporters can be and have to be at time relentless to get a story and sometimes with disastrous results, usually in other countries however.

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