Here’s a new concept: Instead of working for pay, why don’t you try paying to work.

In other words, go out and pay someone your hard earned cash, then ask that person to assign YOU a task. It’s the newest craze for dumba*ses everywhere.

You can thank Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles, for developing this fascinating idea.

In short, the mother-daughter duo is auctioning off the opportunity to work as a member of B’s style team at the singer’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour show in Los Angeles on July 1.

The auction is valued at $25,000, with the current bid reaching $11,500. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of working for Beyonce, and have an extra $25,000 lying around, here’s your chance to make your dream come true. How effin magical.

Other incentives included in the bid are as follows:

Winner and their guest will spend the day behind the scenes on July 1 in Los Angeles as part of the Tina Knowles’ Styling Team on the North American leg of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, 2013.

Winner and their guest will receive a personal meet and greet with Beyoncé, as well as a photo opportunity back stage.

Have lunch with award-winning designer, Tina Knowles!

Take a personal tour of the wardrobe rooms and get an insider’s perspective to learn what goes into designing all the incredible costumes and show-stopping stage looks!

After your day, you can sit back and experience the biggest tour of the year with two VIP tickets.

Proceeds benefit the “Miss A Meal” hunger campaign, a Knowles family charity. Bidding ends on June 11, so get out there and make your dream come true.

12 thoughts on “Pay $25,000 and Work For Beyonce and Mama Tina

  1. Felicia on said:

    If folks can spend $40K+ to have a dinner with a Presidential nominee just to poop it out later and hear a recycled speech, why can’t someone bid for a chance of a lifetime just because it’s a celebrity…just offering another voice…. (It’s valued at doesn’t mean it will actually hit that once the auction ends).

    • Duane Moody on said:

      This is a for profit company that can afford to pay their employees. When you give to a politician, you are giving to something you believe in that you want to win and you are helping to finance that operation so that your side can win, but when you are working for a company whose sole purpose is to make money for itself, not you, it is an insult to auction off a chance to work with these two. Ridiculous.

  2. MEECRIS on said:

    That’s crazy all that money is going to her head ever since she came out and said she was prego I was done with her this hoe was never prego. Beyonce is so fake get your music together because you last album was a flop!

  3. Betty on said:

    This is the very reason why I haven’t never purchased a CD or attend any of her shows. Do these dam people know how they became rich? People made them rich, but at the same time they want to make fools out of the people who’s responsible for their riches!

  4. Really I would rather spend the day with my own Mom and sister than these two if it wasn’t for the money who would give them the time of day. We are a sick society give that $25,000 to a young man or woman that struggling to get throuh school are a family that need housing let’s get real people.

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