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Gospel giant Kirk Franklin recently opened up about his decision to pay for an abortion at the age of 15.

Franklin did an interview with Sway in the Morning on Sirius/XM Channel 45. He touched on a host of topics, including how he was raised and how it all played a part in making him the man that he is today.

“I was adopted by a 64-year-old lady and we were raised in really difficult times. You know, standing in line to get the block cheese, getting the tough jeans. I had a sister that had a real bad drug problem. [She] spent over a decade in prison— prostitution. So, we lived that life and it was a difficult life. I was 15 when my dude got killed and when he got killed is when I got closer to faith. That’s when I really just developed my own relationship with the Lord.”

Franklin also admitted that he went fathered a baby with a girl at 15.  He also admitted to paying for the girl’s abortion.

Franklin also dished on a few troubling family issues he experienced as a youth.

“There was incest in our family, as a kid. There was some abuse. I was a little boy. My little sister— there was some rape. There were some ugly images that we got introduced to as kids at about the age of 8. So from about the age of 8 to about 29, I struggled with that [pornography]. Not only pornography, but I was very promiscuous.”

Kirk says that part of the reason he struggled as a young man was because he was out in the world seeking the love that he never received from his mother. His being orphaned as a child made him feel that his mother never wanted him.

Nowadays, Franklin is one of the leading gospel artists in the world, selling millions of albums and touring all over the globe.  He’s loved by his fans and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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11 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin Talks Family Drama, Including Paying for an Abortion as a Teen

  1. JAMAKA GARRETT on said:


  2. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    REAL GOSPEL Monique. Who are you to determine what is real and what is fake and I ain’t never heard of nobody getting to heaven just because they listen to gospel music only. Kirk doesn’t need your permission to sing gospel your way he does it his way and if you don’t like it tough. Folks ain’t listening to “GOD ON THE MAIN LINE” no more.

    • Because if you are with God, you have to be all the way including music!! You can’t mix world music and God’s word and think you’re getting Good news/The Word!!! We christians[including me] think we can stamp Jesus on anything and call it Holy! WRONG!!! That’s why I say Real gospel music, back in the day!

    • marshall on said:

      @ F&P on behalf of Monique: wherein you ask, “who are you to determine what is real & what is fake” is not your place, that ISSUE is EXCLUSIVELY between M and GOD. M is a creation of GOD, as you are. have the GOD-GIVEN-RIGHT to have & express her own outlook, even under Freedom of Speech [1st Amend.], M is entitled to express her perspective.

  3. Bubba on said:

    Every time the name Kirk Franklin is mentioned, the question arises whether Kirk Franklin is gay? For the record, is he gay? Why does he continue to evade the question?

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