It’s the last week of Black Music Month and we’ve saved the best for last. We’ve recorded your votes and chosen the Best R&B Male – Marvin Gaye. Your votes gave us the best R&B Female – Whitney Houston – and the Best R&B Love Song -“Always and Forever.” Now we want you to choose the Best R&B Album of All Time. We know this one is hard – there are so many fantastic choices but we’ve got to break it down to the one you choose as the overall best.

A few qualifications – we only listed albums that were total creative masterpieces from beginning to end and were part of the dominant cultural landscape of the time. The album couldn’t just have hot singles or be by a favorite artist – it had to be a total package of brilliant, impacful music without any filler. In other words, a masterpiece. While there are double albums on the list, the list only includes albums as they were originally recorded – no greatest hits packages, no compilations, no live albums. To get to our selection we had to pare down from some worthy recordings but some classics just stand the test of time. We need your vote so check out the list and cast your vote for #1.

And of course, leave your comments! We love reading your passionate feedback!

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7 thoughts on “We Need Your Vote: Choose the Best R&B Album of All Time

  1. S Shearsby on said:

    What an uninspired list. Where are Jnr. Parker, Big Mama Thornton, Arthur Crudup, Little Milton, Bo Diddly, Little Willie John, Arthur Alexander or Jackie Wilson? To name but a few of the non soul-pop artists who are real R and B as opposed to your bunch of great but relatively bland choices

  2. Renee on said:

    Gee’s what a hard decision…….I’m truly a Prince fan….probably not the best R&B album, however, he had the 80’s ROCKIN’

  3. joey on said:

    Best R&B ALbum, Umm There is a few,

    Marvin Gaye ” What’s going on.

    Aretha Franklin’s GOSPEL Album Amazing Grace’

    Michael Jackson OFF THE WALL ALBUM.


    Earth Wind & FIRE,, First ALbum

  4. Sir Charles on said:

    2 great legends of music, Michael Jackson, with the combination of Quincy Jones, the sells of his “Thriller” album out sold any albums in history…

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