The search for a missing mother of three has ended in tragedy. The death of Rosaline (Rhonda) Lee has rocked the community around Lake Terry near Pontiac, Michigan and leaves the family with more questions than answers.

“She was last seen at her home on Saturday night (May 25) by family members, after receiving a call after 2 a.m. She left the home shortly thereafter, around 3 a.m. Family began searching for her about three hours later,” Lee’s sister, Richelle Ransom, told

Lee’s van was found the next morning near Lake Terry. Soon after, her half-naked body was also discovered floating in the lake.

Oakland County Police said Lee was strangled and may have been sexually assaulted. No suspects have been identified.

Lee,32, left behind three children: 12, 6 and 10 months old. She was laid to rest Saturday.

If you have information or tips about this case, please call the Oakland County Sheriff’s office at 248-858-4950.

(Photo: Courtesy of family)

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One thought on “A Plea For Help: Missing Mother of Three Found Dead, Suspect Sought

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