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Reenita Shepard is the single mother of of 4 – including Chelsea Fearce – the homeless 18-year-old Valedictorian who was on recently featured on Jacque Reid’s “Inside Her Story.”

Mrs. Shepard was laid off shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer…that’s when her family was forced to live in homeless shelters, hotels, or out of their car as well as the occasional apartment.

Reenita has always helped out any child who needed shelter – before AND after they became homeless.  She would take in kids that didn’t belong to her even when she was staying in a hotel.

She isn’t homeless right now — she rents a 3-bedroom house with the money she makes caring for a little girl who belongs to a single dad who travels a lot for work. She also works part-time security at the Georgia Dome.

Reenita has always been about giving back, which is why she encouraged her daughter, Chelsea, to share her story in order to empower others that they, too, can overcome life’s challenges.

This is a great story, which is why i am making Reenita Shepard the Thursday Morning Mom…and I am going to help her out with her rent for a couple of months.