Instead of hitting national stages with his 1995 “This Is How We Do It,”  Montell Jordan is performing from the pulpit now.

During a recent interview with LA Weekly, the singer revealed that he’s currently a pastor at a megachurch in Atlanta and only uses his musical gifts to glorify God.

“The Lord spoke to me and said ‘you got to retire, you got to lay that life down,’” he said of his epiphany in 2010. He went on to join Victory World Church with his wife Kristin.

The 44-year-old said the decision wasn’t easy, and sometimes, he even second-guessed himself. “I was scared because I knew I wasn’t one person,” he said. “I was probably fearful that me standing on stage would mean that people were going to think that I’d completely given my heart over to Him when I haven’t.”

Kristin said she encouraged her husband to walk in his purpose.

“I was part of the reason. I was his manager the whole time. When we first got married they told us we would sell more records if we didn’t let people know we were married,” she said.

Read why Jordan said he knows he made the right decision below:

I know I should be dead. I’m going to tell you personally, I know. There was an instance in 1995, I was on tour with Boyz II Men and I fell off the back of a stage with my hands in my ears, I fell off a stage, onto my head and I know that I should be dead. I can tell you from the things that I did, the promiscuous things, in the music business, outside of my marriage. I know I should be dead. I can tell you about a time when I was recording in a studio in Los Angeles, California and two days after I decided to switch studios, murderers ran up into the studio, robbed the place and asked for me by name…It’s because of Jesus I’m alive. I have more now in Christ than I ever had when I was in the world.

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