A man in the front row of Beyonce’s concert in Copenhagen on Sunday smacked her derriere as she worked the edge of the stage singing, “Irreplaceable,” and the clip has now gone viral.

After the slap, Bey stopped for a second, told the fan: “I will have you escorted out right now. Allright?,” and then kept singing.

According to music news site NME, he was allowed to stay for the remainder of the show at the Danish city’s venue The Forum.

Beyonce, who recently released “Grown Woman,” a single from her upcoming album, is in Europe for her Mrs. Carter World Tour, which kicked off last month in Belgrade, Serbia, and closes Aug. 5 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

9 thoughts on “Beyonce Threatens to Toss Fan who Smacked her Butt (Watch)

  1. joey on said:

    This girl has always had her azz, in somebodies face and shaking it so hard ,, you mean to tell me

    she actually has an attitude, when you are constantly singing close to the stage, and got everything hanging out, and half naked all the time, and not ever really singing good,,, are you serious,,,

    Beyonce are you kidding me,,,I know you are not trying to throw someone out of your concert,, are you serious, as much as this woman shake’s her behind in everybody’s face, girl please,, Get your life together. so you should expect somebody to hit you on you azz, if you have in there faces,, all the time..

      • joey on said:

        @ I got my life together tami, I’m not a rapist or the type of woman who think’s bey is a Role-model for young women, One minute she is singing Girls run the world, then she is singing BOW-DOWN bit****** really ,, NO YOu get your life,, that women is trying to stay in the media,,,, everyday we have heard something about beyounce,,, she is played out and tired,,

        And these people are paying big LOOT!! to see this girl shake her azz, yeah this is how we are losing our young women. and they think this is Okay,, Fantasia does not have to shake her azz,, or Sade, or jill Scott, or Mary J,, are you serious, this woman wants Respect. well you can say what you want,
        but I do not have to jump on the band-wagon because you think bey is so wonderful,, I know now that this is just to stay in the media. its just keep everyone talking about beyounce, however you spell her name.

      • Tami on said:

        Joey, I thought you were a dude. Either way, I stand by what I said. No one has the right to slap someone in the butt w/o permission. I’m not a huge BELIEVE fan, ( Never have bought one cd.), but I do know the law applies to everyone, no matter what someone is wearing. That was the issue we were discussing. The rest is for another conversation.
        Fantasia… I’m going to leave that alone.

        Bow down indeed!

      • joey on said:

        @ tami its good that you stand by what you believe but so do I,, I know my name sounds like a guys name, but its it spelled JOEI that is the girls spelling, I cannot tell my real name at this time. But I stand by what I believe, so hey that is a good thing. have a blessed day!

    • Tami on said:

      You can’t touch people at a burlesque show. Have you ever been to Vegas?

      Speaking of Vegas, no one ever says anything about those ladies.

      I don’t want to play the race, or hater card, but why are so many of our people mean to this lady?

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