move on from pastWe can all recall our exceptionally aware moments. Unfortunately, they tend to occur in highly stressful and often life-threatening situations, such as skidding on glare ice at 60 MPH. This is when our fight or flight response takes over. The frontal lobes go offline. We literally stop thinking as the faster-processing and more primitive regions of the brain assume executive control.

A lot has been said in the yogic scriptures about kindness and patience.

We have to savor our good moments while we can. But, of course, we will miss them completely if we keep getting stuck inside our own heads. The practical benefit of mindfulness is that as our awareness becomes more heightened and our thinking more focused, we slowly acquire the ability to reel in our runaway thoughts, or at least slow them down a tad. Slowly, we gain skills in negotiating our way through the present. Slowly, we learn to manage our illness rather than our illness manage us.

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