Syleena’s Mother Moves In


Syleena’s mother was battling an alcohol addiction and Syleena felt pressured to take her in. Of course she loved her mom, but she wasn’t sure if she was up for the task of trying to take care of an alcoholic. On the flip side, she was happy to have extra help around the house for her children’s sake but was skeptical about having an alcoholic around her young children. When Syleena’s mother finally moved in, Syleena laid down a list of rules that had to be followed while under her roof. The rules included: eating healthy and not bossing her around. Syleena and her mom then had a heart to heart where she apologized for the way she was raised and for being drunk for most of her daughter’s childhood. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having mom around the house for a while after all.

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One thought on “The Case Of The Mysterious ‘E-Mail Blast’ Still Not Solved! ‘R&B Divas’ [RECAP]

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