Nicci’s Daughter Moves Home


Nicci’s daughter, Brandy, just lost her job and decided to move back home with her parents. To get her back into the workforce, Nicci decided to allow Brandy to work with her clothing line, Curvado. Nicci gave Brandy the responsibility of being the brand’s spokesperson and organizing a photo shoot for the new line. After being super stressed out, Brandy finally pulled the photo shoot together with only one problem: the clothes weren’t there! As it turned out, Nicci forgot to tell everybody about the photo shoot and when it was crunch time, the clothes weren’t available! Wow! Looks like Nicci should have been the one stressing about the photo shoot instead of Brandy! SMH

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One thought on “The Case Of The Mysterious ‘E-Mail Blast’ Still Not Solved! ‘R&B Divas’ [RECAP]

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