Xscape Reunion Concert

sosodefLaTocha was too busy to worry about the other girls’ drama because she was preparing for her upcoming Xscape reunion concert at the So So Def 20th Anniversary (it’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years, isn’t it?!).  She was surprised when she arrived to rehearsal and only two of the four members showed up (Tiny and Kandi were noticeable absent). Considering the public drama that the group endured in the past, it didn’t come as a shock to LaTocha  (or anyone for that matter). When Jermaine Dupri showed up to rehearsal, he was not pleased with what he saw. Since he was the one that pretty much gave the girls their big break, LaTocha wanted to do everything to his liking so the pressure was on to make their performance perfect.

When it was finally time for the concert, the nerves were on and LaTocha was worried about how they would pull off the show without the other two members. When the two girls took the stage to sing, “Just Kick It”, the crowd went wild and they didn’t miss a step! I guess nobody noticed that Tiny and Kandi were missing from the performance after all!

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One thought on “The Case Of The Mysterious ‘E-Mail Blast’ Still Not Solved! ‘R&B Divas’ [RECAP]

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