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Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones may not have gone home with another shiny trophy this year but one thing he always can count on is the support of his mother, Emily London Jones. Throughout his weeks on “Dancing With the Stars,” which was ultimately won by “American Idol” singer Kellie Pickler and her partner Derek Hough, Jones was there, whether she was calling the judges “haters” or waving her own bling-festooned paddle. Jones, a New Orleans native, is well known by her son’s teammates for her Cajun cooking, but this season on “DWTS” she was almost as popular as he was. Despite the loss, Jones is happy with her son’s Top 3 finish.

“I’m well. I’m happy after packing all of Jacoby’s things to get him back to Baltimore,” Jones told The Tom Joyner Morning Show. “I was surprised. I really thought he would take it all. At the end of the day it’s bitter and sweet but Jacoby had a good time and  I did too  – of course you all saw that.”

Jacoby, 27, told “Dancing With the Stars” host Brooke Burke-Chavet that his dance training was as tough, if not tougher, than football.

“Well, out of all my trainers that I’ve had, I’ve never had a woman that’s pushed me like she did,” Jones said of his partner, Karina Smirnoff.

“So, when I go back (to the NFL), all this gracefulness, footwork, everything…I’ll be catching the ball like this,” he said, showing off his newly-found pirouette skills.

Both Jones’ are heading back to Baltimore, but Sybil wondered if reality show producers have come calling Jones for a show she entitled “That’s My Son, Leave Him Alone!” Jones’ relationship with the judges was made obvious on national TV when she mouthed her feelings about the scores her son was receiving.

“I had no idea that the moment I called them ‘hater hater hater’ that it would be on national TV,  because I thought I was saying it really to myself. But lo and behold , they picked it up. [From that point on] they were across the stage from me and we looked eye and eye and of course I told them ‘I got my eyes on you.’ But they constantly watched me because they didn’t know what to think next or what would happen.”

We will likely see more of Ms. Jones on the Ravens sideline this year as they defend their Super Bowl title. Aside from her son’s biggest cheerleader, Jones is a success story in her own right. As a single mom, she attended Xavier University heading back to school when Jacoby was 3, ultimately earning her master’s degree. She encouraged Jacoby to return to his alma mater, Lane College, a small HBCU in Tennessee to get his degree. She says what she learned as a single mom is that you can’t raise a child alone.

“I’m  single mom but it takes a village to raise a child and that’s the philosophy I had. He has had so many wonderful people around him and he does respect them. That’s what makes the big difference in today’s world.You can respect others and others respect you. It all comes through raising your boys the right way.”

After settling her son back at home in Baltimore, Jones heads back to Xavier University where she works in the Financial Aid department.

“I’m fast-talking, fast-walking, getting things done on that campus. I may be a twitch of light when I pass by people. I’m always on the move.”

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