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“American Idol” has crowned a new diva. The 23-year-old from St. Helena Island, S.C. took the Season 12 honors in a year that was marred by public catfighting between rapper Nikki Minaj and singer Mariah Carey as well as the lowest ratings in “Idol” history. Glover was part of the first all-female final since Season 3 when North Carolinian Fantasia Barrino took the crown, outlasting country singer Kree Harrison. For Glover, third time’s the charm – she also auditioned in Seasons 9 and 11 but ultimately fell short.

“Season 9 I made top 70 and Season 11 I made top 60 and I wasn’t going to come back  I found myself on the website anyway looking up auditions for Season 12 so I did it one more time. My mom and my dad cared so much about me and didn’t want to see my hurt so they said maybe we should think of a different way to start your career. I wanted to do it so they stuck by me whatever my choice was and I’m glad they did.”

Though Glover, who was inspired by singer Christina Aguilera to start a singer career of her own says that she dreamed of success for years. Her roundabout way to the “Idol” win has inspired many who appreciated that she didn’t give up on her dreams. Her 3 “Idol” stints made her able to outlast the competition in the end. Though Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj (who cried) were among her supporters this season, she didn’t have as much support in previous seasons.

“I got cut in Vegas week. So that was in December and I let the whole season go by from January to May and then audition cities came up. My friends Jessica Sanchez and D’Andre were all on that season so I was still voting and stuff so I thought about them and I was like this could be me if I try one more time. The reason why I auditioned in Season 11 was because of the change in the judges. Simon was there my first time and he wasn’t a fan. That was a really hard season for me. I was only 19 didn’t really know who I was or anything.  J. Lo and Steven Tyler they were really nice. So I really enjoyed them.”

This season proved to be the one for Glover, who belted out classic songs like “I Who Have Nothing)” “Somewhere” and a memorable performance of “Inseparable” with former Idol runner-up Jennifer Hudson. She also did her own version of The Cure’s “Lovesong,” which some critics said was among her best performances of the season.

Glover is proof positive that if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. The once aspiring pyschologist who say her music has now become her way of counseling stayed the course and it worked out for her. Without her willingness to do it again, and her family’s support (they made the trip every week to see her perform) she might not have eventually become an “Idol” with an album, “Music Speaks” ready to go on July 16. It’s available for pre-orders now and her single “I Am Beautiful” has been released.

“Last July I would have been in an office sweating because so many people wanted to get a golf cart from me and now I have an album coming out in July. Girls tweet me @CAndiceAI12 all the time and tell me that I’m an inspiration for them and the song makes them feel beautiful whatever they’re going through and whatever people tell them. Whatever you want to be in life no matter who tells you no, there’s a yes down the line no matter what.”

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