Don’t get me wrong, I respect my elders and all but Natalie Cole needs to find a seat and sit down.

Instead of the legendary singer being happy for the new “American Idol” winner, she took to social media to complain about Candice Glover’s unforgettable duet on the finale show.

Apparently Ms. Cole was not pleased that the 23-year-old sang her 1975 hit “Inseparable” with former “Idol” contestant Jennifer Hudson.

“Make no mistake…”Inseparable” was NOT originally recorded by Jennifer Hudson, but by ME…. American Idol ought to be ashamed of themselves….I am seriously offended,” she wrote on her Facebook a page.

And if that wasn’t enough, moments later she took to her Twitter account to put the icing on the cake.

“@AmericanIdol ought to be ashamed of themselves! I’m seriously offended! #Idol #Idolfinale,” she posted.

It’s very seldom that we can say an artist had an errorless performance, but Candice and Jennifer’s duet was damn near as close to perfect as it gets. These girls can sang so it appears that Cole is just hating.

One of her followers also disagreed. “Get real, and let someone else have their moment. If u recorded it first so be it – but u don’t need to rain on a parade,” they wrote in response.

Check out the awe-inspiring performance below, then tell us what you think of Ms. Cole’s remarks.

25 thoughts on “Natalie Cole Throws Shade At ‘American Idol’ Over Candice Glover & Jennifer Hudson Duet

  1. Jessyelena on said:

    They did her FAVOR by singing that Old Ass Song!., Their might be some Jealousy, because Natalie can sing, but not like Jennifer & Candice..

  2. dj eddie ed on said:

    There has been a long history of snakes in the music industry since black artist were never ever recognized as an originator. Many never received royalties or acknowledgments for their hard work. American Idol is continuing this trend by disrepecting a total legend. Remember those ladies wouldn’t be on that stage singing that song if it wasn’t for Ms. Natalie Cole.

  3. RonG3I Mose4T8 on said:

    This is so sad for Ms. Cole, to be so bitter of someone who has called her their idol, or maybe not, in singing a song in contribution to her. Maybe they should have asked before singing it or maybe they should have chose another sing by someone else, then there would be not so much of a fallout.

  4. Maybe Candice will understand if she has a career long enough to have someone sing her songs. Most even Jennifer probably won’t have the vocal career as Natalie, Aretha, or Patti. If any of you know anything about the music industry or just pay attention it’s about money in label pockets no sell no deal. Look how many idol winners even Ruben are on no label or a small label now, because of lack of units sold.

  5. I agree with Natalie and all the African Americans who can’t let Martin King Die, should really shut up. I thought it was disrespectful of Obama when he invited B instead of Etta, and idol did the same. It’s not about Natalie not knowing her age and that the journey continues. Lets learn to be critical thinkers and stop using words like hater, because someone is offended. There is a lot of disrespect that continues to go on in our community among our people.

  6. Jacquelynn on said:

    I can totally see Natalie’s point. After all of the original singers came out to sing their own song (including old Frankie Valli!) after the contestants lead in during that segment, I was taken aback when Jennifer appeared instead of Natalie to sing “Inseparable.” If they could reach back and get Frankie, why not Natalie? They got Aretha, and she was via telecast! I’m sure Natalie’s criticism was leveled at American Idol and not Glover or Hudson. It was good to see Jennifer (such a powerhouse!), and the duet was fantastic, but they should have fit her in elsewhere and let Natalie do her own song. Yes, Jennifer and Candice have the same tonal quality (but I think Jennifer has a stronger voice), but that’s still no excuse. Natalie is rightfully miffed, but not sure I would have taken to social media websites to express it (especially since I refuse to be a part of them).

  7. Willliam on said:

    The only thing that American Idol should always be sure and do, is acknowledge the original artist. Ryan only needed to say, ‘Here is Candice singing Natalie Cole’s Unforgettable…’ It does not matter who joins in on the song be it Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Holiday, or Me. (LOL)

  8. sparkle on said:

    jennifer hudson has songs they should have song one of hers…. if they wanted a natlie cole song then why not have her come…. I agree… it was a little disrespectful in my opinion….

  9. Delrey on said:

    Well as usual I feel the article is taking what Ms Cole said out of context. Please people let’s not get it twisted. What Ms Cole said was directed @ AI not Candance. When I heard Candance singing I hoped to see Natalie Cole come out, yeah I was disappointed to see Jenifer but yes Jenifer is a professional an sang the song well. The duet was good. But if AI can invite Frankie Valley on to sing with the guys come on now. Why hate on Natalie Cole. Justsaying#

  10. Houston6410 on said:

    All the songs the contestants sing originated from someone else. They did not ask all of the original singers to come on the show to sing with the contestants. Ms. Cole needs to realize at some point your “star” will set and someone else’s will rise. Life moves on…get a grip and live your next chapter!

  11. R. P. on said:

    Miss Essex, I think YOU should “have a seat and sit down”. It doesn’t appear than Miss Cole is “hating”. Rather, she is expressing her opinion, towards American Idol, which she has every right to do.

  12. 06050412 on said:

    I agree with Natalie. Natalie should’ve been invited to sing with them. That would’ve been the cream filling in the middle!!! Not taking anything away from Jennifer and Candice. Natalie was and still is an AMERICAN IDOL.

  13. Ms Cole just loss her mother. Grief can sometimes set you off where you wouldn’t normally do a certain thing. Where is the heart of the people. She did deserve her props! If it was Aretha, Diana Ross they would probably wanted their props to. She wrote the song and sang the song (I presume)
    Have heart for her at this sad time. Nat King Coles wife dies of cancer at the age of 89. God bless this America that have forgotten to have empathy for others. This world is so sad! no love .

  14. Anita on said:

    She didn’t direct her comments to or about the singers. She was upset that she was not acknowledged as the originator of the song. I don’t blame her. American Idol people should know their music history.

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  16. julius on said:

    Pause……. Ms.Cole is correct.

    She is the orginator of that song, give her the respect she deserves and at least ask her to perform the song with the constestant.

    It cant always be about ratings, this was unethical to say the least.

    let me guess, you exec wanted to go with the latest trend, instead of paying homage, no wonder I stopped watching……and since we are on this, why is Nikki Minaj a judge? I like her, but her career spans 4 years!!!

    Stop it and do better.


  17. Not all, but some of our youngsters know the history of our 70-favorites. I agree to the responder of her tweet…”let someone else have their moment.”
    As an artist, Ms. Cole should have appreciated the fact Ms. Glover selected her song, and should have simply wished her the best. Ms. Cole knows how hard it is in the music industry, instead of behaving like a bungler she could be a role model or educator of upcoming artists – inspiring dreams.
    Certainly not her best moment.

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