When I was growing up, there was sort of an unwritten law to keep your dirty laundry inside your own house.

When I became a DJ, I started breaking some of the rules and talking about things I wouldn’t normally reveal, but even then I did have my boundaries.  But these days it’s hard to tell where the line is.

I blame the National Enquirer, reality shows, TMZ and YouTube for people wanting to read about and watch mess 24-7.  I know you might not believe it, but I try hard to steer clear of public fights, gossip and rumors.  But I also know we’re running a business and in the words of the Mighty, Mighty O’Jays,  “You got to give the people what they want!”

So I try to find a happy medium.  When we book our show, I try to provide a nice mix of Party, Purpose and …mess.  For example, the whole battle between Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan’s family has been played out in the media for the last several months.  The story is, after he passed away in September,  his family claimed Omarosa  took control over his estate, even though they were not married.  After having his sister, Judy Duncan, as guest a couple of weeks ago, I nixed the plan to have Omarosa tell her side the following morning. It just felt to me like nothing else could be added, that having Omarosa defending herself and inevitably saying something negative about his family would just keeping mess going.

When I come up with topics for the blog I have the same concerns. I mean, I want to write things that are informative and hopefully motivating, but it seems like the more controversial they are, the bigger response I get. So help me out.

Send me some topics you’d like me to blog about and I’ll decide whether my people want Mess or Inspiration—or a little or both.

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