The Tom Joyner Morning Show crew could not get over Dwyane Wade‘s polka-dotted capri pants! So, we want to know what you think about them. Check out the look below and answer our poll!


12 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Dwyane Wade’s Capri Pants (PHOTO)

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  3. mimi on said:

    I don’t that capri pants make you homosexual. Besides, guys have such limited options, it’s either pants or shorts. I personally think its okay that he shook things up a bit with manchic flair!!

  4. Praise The Lord on said:

    The Illuminati agenda to make black men Homosexual and further destroy the image of the black race! Stand up and take back your families and stop listening to Hollywood on what is important!!! Rise up all black men and women and take back your dignity and family values that were so strong 100 years ago!!! Don’t continue to throw the baby out with the bath water!!! Get back to the Bible and what makes a person “good” or “great” Is Jesus!!!

  5. Naimah Yasin on said:

    Love it, love it, love it! I think it’s very sexy and I love the way that he dress. I like his Style…. He is one cool guy….

  6. reese on said:

    America is turning into a lawless land, the demonic Yin-Yang effect, men are becoming effeminate, and women masculine. Black men and (men period)with testosterone need to STAND UP! And voice this wrong doing.

  7. Serpentine on said:

    Isn’t he the one who also paints his toe nails? Now he’s wearing capri pants which really don’t look like capri pants on him. More like he put on a pair of pants that are way tooooooo short.

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