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Mister Cee is on a mission to clear his name. After this recent third arrest for soliciting a prostitute, the popular Hot 97 DJ took a voluntary suspension and joined a safe sex campaign for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

In a new PSA, Cee urges men and woman to not follow his risky sexual behavior and take the time to get tested.

“As all of you know, I’ve gone through a lot this week with my situation and my addiction. I can honestly say I have an addiction. And that’s something that I’m going to have to deal with as I move forward in my life,” he said.

I know it’s a lot of ya’ll that got your situations that yall go through, sexually. Whether it’s fellas messing with two or three different women at a time, or even some of you women, women are just as much cheaters as men out there. Let’s just be honest: everybody is not living a righteous lifestyle, even myself. What I wanted to do today is talk about the importance of safe sex, using a condom, being healthy in your life as far as taking a HIV test.

He concluded his announcement by telling viewers to not be ashamed.

“Get them free condoms. Get yourself checked out for a HIV test. Do not be ashamed. Cause look at me, I’m here talking to you about it and I’m not ashamed,” he said.

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