6 Gatsby-Inspired Dresses We Adore

Spring is well underway and as the warm weather begins to emerge, so do the major blockbusters of the year. With the long-awaited arrival of the on-screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby, prepare yourself for the upcoming trend of the roaring twenties to invade the streets again.

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Designers have already started the trend, launching Gatsby-inspired women’s and menswear lines for their 2013 collections. However, if you’re fearful of the 20s-trends, there’s no need to go full flapper; 20s-inspired garb can be found from the common art deco necklace to the perfect drop-waist skirt.

Check out some Great Gatsby inspired styles from SINGER22.com, Muse Apparel, OneStopPlus.com and James Allen that we just simply adore.


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