Terrence Howard has finally put his bitter divorce from Michelle Ghent in the rear view mirror.

A judge finalized the split this week, according to TMZ, and the “Red Tails” actor “made off like a bandit in the property settlement.”

According to the divorce order, Terrence gets the lion’s share of marital property — including both houses in Pennsylvania and all 25 of his bank accounts, the website reports.

Meanwhile, Ghent has been ordered to return the actor’s 2011 Range Rover. (She gets to keep her bike and a BMW).

Terrence was ordered to pay Michelle $5,800 a month in spousal support for the next three years.

Michelle filed for divorce in February 2011 — a year after their wedding — and the split was nasty, with Michelle accusing Terrence of viciously beating her and Terrence accusing her of being a racist.

One thought on “Terrence Howard’s Nasty Divorce Finalized – Finally

  1. Jacquelynn on said:

    Sleeping with the enemy (isn’t there a movie by that name?)!! After reading in other articles the racial epithets she regularly hurled at him when she got angry, if he beat her down, I can understand it. You don’t expect, nor should you have to put up with that kind of crap in your own home that is supposed to be your sanctuary. Not the first time I’ve either heard of or known black people whose white (or other than black) spouses have racially denigraded them in the way she did when arguing. Just goes to show that the grass is not greener on the other side. Fighting with a spouse of your own race is unpleasant enough. Having grown up in an era when racial verbal assaults on black people (and worse) was common, I am not that trusting soul who believes that people’s mindsets have changed that much – even in 2013. The more things change, the more they stay the same. This type of hatred is deep seated and generational and is not going to change. I’m sticking with my own, thank you very much. At least I know what I’m working with. Based on the pure nastiness of the racial slurs she leveled him with, I wouldn’t be surprised if she went into this one year marriage with the express goal of getting a hefty payout in a divorce. So glad she got the short end of the stick. Sure hope Terrence has learned his lesson!

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