Apparently Diddy’s baby’s mother is crazy. According to another nanny, she’s got some issues.

TMZ says nanny no. 2 Amanda Jansen, filed a lawsuit against Kim Porter, who hired her in 2011. Though her job was to care for the kids, Kim started to use her as a full-service housekeeper. She adds that she was working ridiculous hours, sometimes well over 100 hours a week. Is that even possible?

Jansen claims she was hired as live-in help, but says she was never given a room with a working lock, and had no furniture other than a bed and desk.

The nanny/housekeeper eventually complained about her schedule and as a result was fired.

Now she’s trying to cash in for all the bad things that happened in a wrongful termination suit.

She’s looking for a six-figure payout. And Diddy’s involved this time because she says his company was the one that sent her checks.

This is the second time Kim’s being sued by a nanny. A previous lawsuit accused Porter of doing drugs around the kids. Porter has denied the allegation.

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3 thoughts on “Diddy’s Baby Mama Kim Porter Being Sued by Another Nanny

    • Tami on said:

      I didn’t want to go their because I thought someone would say, “So what she had all those babies…” Thanks for saying it for me.

  1. Tami on said:

    She’s asking for a lot in damages. How much do maids make? I need a career change.

    What does she do that doesn’t allow her to take care of her own children, or clean up?

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