In the latest edition of “WTF News”  the N.Y. Post reports that Timothy Evans, 31, murdered fellow barber Michael Alao, 22, over some broken clippers.  According to  witness  John Dunkley, Evans, when Evans arrived at work in Staten Island on April 30th, he blew up at Alao, accusing him of damaging his electric shaver.  A fight soon broke out, and Evans punched Alao, who fell to the floor, hitting his head from the impact of the blow.

Alao was rushed to Richmond University Hospital Center, and died six days later from blunt trauma to his skull.  Evans was arrested this past Tuesday, and told cops he was simply defending himself against Alao.  The owner of the barbershop, John Brumble, claims Alao slipped and fell and that it was all caught on video surveillance, which he says he’s handed over to authorities.

Evans is being held on $5,000 bail, charged with assault while the investigation is ongoing.

One thought on “Barber Dies After Fight With Co-Worker Over Broken Clippers

  1. Serpentine on said:

    Two lives and families destroyed over some immaterial BS! Hair clippers…Really? People need to get their priorities in order. Just so sad and stupid on every level.

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