This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has made a surprising confession.  He confessed that back in February he secretly underwent lap band surgery to lose weight.  So last week Jason Collins came out of the closet and now this week Chris Christie is coming out of the refrigerator.

A Las Vegas judge has set a trial date for Flavor Flav.  On September 30th Flavor will stand trial for felony charges of threatening his girlfriend’s son with a butcher knife.  And if convicted Flav faces 12 years in prison.  Man, 12 years is already a long time to serve behind bars, but imagine how slow it will go by with a clock around your neck.

And the world of interracial romance NFL star Mario Williams is suing his ex-fiancé over the engagement ring.  The ten karat ring cost Mario $785,000, but when the white girl dumped him she kept it.  Well Mario, don’t expect any sympathy from the black women listening right now because they’ll tell you that a rich brother dating a white woman is like being on a game show.  If the price is right they don’t say let’s make a deal and play the newlywed game, but your money is in jeopardy so don’t press your luck or you’ll get the whammy.

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One thought on “Sorry Mario Williams, You Get No Sympathy from Black Women MORNING MINUTE

  1. She played him like a fiddle, got what she wanted & gonna pawn it too, an investment for her,lets see who he’ll get next, man just stay single,she knew what she was doing set him up & he fell right into her trap, for court will say it was a gift, No I don’t fill sorry for him, he should have known better, WOW she did play him, & after the ring she dumped him, what a loser Mr. Williams is, maybe next time he;ll get someone worthy of him, these NBA, NFL players just want give a sister a glimpse.keep running after all this salt, the pepper is the hot one, had enough salt, try some pepper next time..

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